It’s Just Max Now, But HBO Is Still the Star on WBD’s Streaming Service | Charts

HBO built its reputation by producing some of the most influential and groundbreaking television shows of all time, including “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City” and “Game of Thrones.” These shows became cultural phenomena and established HBO as a hallmark of premium television.

Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of HBO, has successfully transitioned into the digital age with its streaming service, Max. It serves as the first-run platform for HBO’s renowned legacy series, new releases, and original content created specifically for streaming. HBO network content accounts for approximately 21% of the demand for Max’s TV catalog, with Max originals contributing another 9%.

Max enriches its offerings by including content from several subsidiary networks, such as Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TLC and Discovery Channel, collectively accounting for 25% of the platform’s television demand.

A key factor in HBO’s continued success is its ability to captivate audiences with eagerly awaited new series and seasons of existing hits. For instance, “The Last of Us” — based on the beloved video game of the same name — emerged as a standout in 2023, generating 50.1 times the demand for the average in the U.S. market within its first 60 days. The highly anticipated finale of the acclaimed drama “Succession” followed closely behind.

Among Max’s original streaming content, “Our Flag Means Death” topped the charts with its second season, while “Velma” also made a significant impact, ranking seventh in demand for new seasons on the platform. Beyond its renowned dramas, HBO has achieved remarkable success with its comedy lineup. The final season of “Barry,” the third season of “The Righteous Gemstones,” and the second season of “And Just Like That…” all demonstrated outstanding demand.

The network’s offerings are further diversified with sports-related content, including the latest seasons of “Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty” and the NFL documentary series “Hard Knocks.”

Through strategic adaptation to the streaming landscape with Max, HBO has preserved its legacy and expanded its influence by offering diverse content that appeals to a broad audience. From groundbreaking dramas and comedies to captivating sports narratives, HBO continues to set the bar high, demonstrating its unparalleled ability to engage viewers and shape the television industry.

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