Just two constituencies back the PM's Brexit plan - and 600 want to stay in the EU: poll

Under-siege Prime Minister Theresa May (PA)
Under-siege Prime Minister Theresa May (PA)

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is the favoured option of just two parliamentary constituencies, a survey has found.

A YouGov survey found that only Broxbourne and Christchurch, two Conservative constituencies, backed the Prime Minister’s plan.

It also found that the first preference for some 600 constituencies was to remain in the European Union.

Just 30 seats back a no-deal Brexit.

The figures have been released as Mrs May desperately seeks to get parliamentary and public approval for her Brexit deal, amid fears her government could collapse if not.

Almost 21,000 people were quizzed by YouGov for the poll.

Overall, it found that the option of staying in the EU had the largest single support, with backing from 46 per cent of people.

Mrs May’s deal and a no deal were level on 27 per cent each, the poll found.

However, there was no majority support for any option.

It also found that Mrs May’s deal was the second choice for many, not being able to convince Remainers or Leavers as the best option.

Leave voters in Westminster this week (PA)
Leave voters in Westminster this week (PA)

Next week, could prove an important one for Brexit.

Next Tuesday, MPs will vote on Mrs May’s deal and is widely expected that she will lose the vote.

Senior ministers have called on her to delay the vote as dozens of Tories as well as Northern Ireland’s DUP have said they will vote against.

The withdrawal deal has already been endorsed by EU leaders but it must also be backed by Parliament if it is to come into force.

The major sticking point is the ‘backstop’ proposal, aimed at preventing a ‘hard border’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Staying in the EU had the single largest support, according to the poll (PA)
Staying in the EU had the single largest support, according to the poll (PA)

Under current proposals, Northern Ireland would stay aligned to some EU rules, which many MPs say is unacceptable.

And the UK would also not be able to leave the backstop without EU agreement, which many MPs also object to.

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