And Just Like That viewers share heartbreak for Steve

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One of Sex And The City fans' favourite couples split up in the most recent episode of And Just like That, and it’s fair to say everyone is pretty devastated.

Viewers have shipped Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady (played by Cynthia Nixon and David Eisenberg) since their one night stand in the second season of the original series, and are furious about the way their iconic romance has ended.

The red flags were there - we should’ve known it was coming when Miranda told the girls about her six month dry spell earlier in the reboot… But that doesn’t make the disappointment any easier to swallow.

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Photo credit: Getty Images

In the episode, Steve was totally blindsided by Miranda’s tequila-fuelled hookup turned full-blown affair with Carrie’s podcast colleague Che, and admits he is still content in the relationship.

Miranda, on the other hand, wants a divorce so she can be with Che. She bluntly tells Steve “This isn't enough for me. I want more. More everything—more connection, more energy, more sex, more me. More, Steve. More."

In one gut-wrenching line, an exhausted Steve responds: “You don’t think I’m enough then you think I’m kinda enough then I’m not enough again”.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

There have been a lot of controversial plot decisions in the reboot so far (From Miranda’s seemingly inauthentic character development, to well, the way she treats her friends) but this is the last last straw for die hard fans.

While some viewers accepted Miranda's behaviour as as necessary self exploration, others were gutted for poor Steve.

The overwhelming view seems to be that Miranda has made a HUGE mistake and is actually undeserving of Steve.

We’ve always loved how headstrong Miranda is, but can’t help but wonder whether she’s going to regret this. Even if Miranda doesn’t, we still love you Steve. You’ll find us all watching the Brooklyn Bridge scene on repeat for the foreseeable...

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