Just watch Rangers go NEXT SEASON as Celtic warned their title rivals will soon be unstoppable – Hotline

The great thing with the Hotline is emotions often swing like a pendulum – if one side of the Celtic-Rangers divide is downbeat then the other can usually be found on the ceiling.

But, on the rarest of occasions, the mood music is dimmed in both camps and even stranger it comes on a day both earned hard fought wins in the race for the Premiership title. But punters had plenty to gripe about in Rangers' triumph over St Mirren and Celtic's slog at Dens Park against Dundee.

And confidence is in short supply across Glasgow as fans shared their escalating fears over a title which was appears set to cause panic before the party can start for one team. Kenny Wilson, Moffat, said: "The three points is the main objective but god that was a hard watch. Wasteful in possession yet again, they can’t defend set pieces and overall very little idea how to create chances. McGregor clearly not fit as for Kyogo he shouldn’t start another game this season looked totally uninterested and offered zero. Idah is a far better option up front. This league is far from over and it’s going to be a nervy few weeks."

David Bryce, Troon, was thinking along the same lines. He said: "Once again Celtic turned in a performance level that can only be described as brutal. Rodgers should hang his head, he has coached the football out of the players so much so that Kyogo is no longer a threat. When the season ends the inept Rodgers should leave along with Kennedy and Strachan as this season has been unacceptable. This should be the woeful McGregor's last season also. Thank goodness for James Forrest.

Stephen Mulhern, added: "After witnessing Celtics hard fought win at Dens Park surely the first name on Brendan Rodgers' starting lineup must be James Forrest, as he has proved to be a game changer and has galvanised the team to kick on for the double. Rodgers reinvigorated his career first time around and similarities are now familiar this season."

And that downbeat mood was echoed across the Clyde as a Rangers regular was downbeat despite seeing off the Buddies in Paisley. Jamie Thomson, Yoker, added: The Rangers defence is like junior team and Tavernier needs to go. Clement needs to buy decent defenders along with No.9 and few others. Truth is there for all to see few are just not good enough. Rangers also have to stop letting players run down their contracts.

"Players that have one year should be told if you don't sign new contract they will be put on transfer and dropped from first team. Lundstram was responsible for Dundee shambles."

But not all Rangers fans were feeling the Blues with confidence soaring for some. Gary Stevenson, Newtonhill, said: "Rangers are going to be unrecognisable next season. A pre season with Clement will allow him to make his mark. He will also bring in his players and show the door to anyone who isn't dedicated. Great times ahead for Rangers."

John Robertson had a message for a Hotline regular as he claimed Joe Hart will be no big signing for Manchester City. He said: "I see Gordon Ashley is out of hibernation, but spouting the same nonsense. Tell him every club has dumped Joe Hart because he is no use that is why he is with a Mickey Mouse club now. Are Man City needing some one to sell programmes?"

And the potential fees mooted for messrs James Tavernier and Connor Goldson by one pundit left a Rangers diehard tearing his hair out. Jimmy Mac, Glasgow, said: "I see the rumour mill is in overdrive regarding Stevie Gerrard wanting Tavernier and Goldson and a poor valuation estimate of Tavernier is suggested by Cammy Bell of £3m-£4m. Has Bell forgot that Tavernier is only 31 years old and has another 3-4 years left with his football career and that Tavernier holds the goal scoring record in Britain for a full-back with 131 goals?

"Rangers would be out of their minds to accept the peanuts Bell states but Tavernier loves Rangers as does Goldson and I believe both will be playing for Rangers next season."