Justin Bieber booed at his own show after telling fans to be quiet

Justin Bieber has been accused of being ‘rude’ to fans at a recent gig after he told them off for being too noisy and interrupting his set.

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The pop star was on stage in Manchester when he halted the performance to ask the audience to quieten down.

Unsurprisingly, the unexpected interlude did not go down well with the fans who promptly began to boo Bieber as he made his request.

Visibly annoyed, the 22-year-old stopped singing and told fans he was ‘trying to engage’.

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“I thought I could have a moment to say something, but if you guys want I can cut the bulls***!” he said, adding:

“I’m trying to engage, but if you guys don’t want to, I’ll play the music.”

During the same performance he also asked for fans to ‘stay as quiet as possible’ while he sang two ballads.

Following the performance, concertgoers took to Twitter to call the star 'rude’ for telling them what to do.

One fan wrote: ’@justinbieber #manchester was amazingggg…. Shame he was rude to his fans,’ whilst another added: 'We love your music but you are RUDE!!!!!!!! @justinbieber.’

Another joked: ’@justinbieber in Manchester last night. 8/10. Would score higher if not rude to audience and was far less clothed.’

Earlier on this week Justin complained that fans who had bought tickets to see the star perform in Birmingham were ‘obnoxious’ for screaming too much.