Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas actually wed in March

Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas wed in March credit:Bang Showbiz
Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas wed in March credit:Bang Showbiz

Justin Hartley has clarified that he actually tied the knot with Sofia Pernas in March 2021.

The 'This Is Us' actor - who was previously wed to 'Selling Sunset' star Chrishell Stause and his 'Passions' co-star Lindsay Korman - was reported to have got wed to the 32-year-old actress in May, when paparazzi photos of the pair circulated online.

However, the 44-year-old actor has now revealed they walked down the aisle two months prior.

Justin said: “We got married in March, and we are so happy.

“Even though we’ve only been married a few months, it’s hard to remember what it was like without her.”

The 'Smallville' star also admitted his third marriage is "incredible" because they are "not forcing things".

He gushed to Haute Living: “It’s incredible when you’re not forcing things. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

“You just meet the right person and you just go, ‘Oh, this is amazing. It’s just so wonderful!’ You’re so attracted and so attached to this person. You just love this person so much.”

Meanwhile, Justin's second wife, Chrishell, previously slammed Justin for telling her about his intent to file for divorce over text message just 45 minutes before the news was made public.

She said: “I found out because he text[ed] me that we were filed. Forty-five minutes later, the world knew.”

And the 40-year-old beauty also hit out at the actor for making an “impulsive” decision about the future of their relationship.

She fumed: “Because of the crazy way in which this went down, people want answers, and I f****** want answers. I know people are saying we were only married two years, but it’s like, we were together for six years. … In a fight, that’s his go-to, you know? Like, ‘I’m out, I’m out.’ I hate that kind of impulsive stuff, but I always just thought, you know, that’s just an issue that we work through it.

“If that’s really what you wanted, there are better ways to go about [it]. I talked to him right after because I thought that must be a joke, but that was kind of the end of the communication. What am I supposed to say? What do you say after that? It’s like, now I have to find a place to live. Now I have to scramble and figure this out, you know?”