Justin Theroux 'accuses NYC neighbour of domestic abuse' in ongoing court battle

Megan C. Hills
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There has been a dark development in Justin Theroux’s battle against his downstairs neighbour in New York, as the Leftovers star has reportedly accused Norman Resnicow of domestically abusing his 71 year old wife.

Theroux and Resnicow have been embroiled in a legal battle since 2017 - stemming from tensions over Theroux’s renovations to his flat - and a judge granted Theroux a temporary restraining order from Resnicow in 2019.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Theroux is seeking civil or criminal punishment against Resnicow. The outlet also published an audio recording of Resnicow’s alleged outburst at his wife in which a man can be heard threatening a woman that he will “break your f**king teeth” and destroy her property over a disagreement about her going outside.

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Theroux is reportedly arguing that Resnicow’s reported behaviour towards his wife is a breach of a 2019 court ruling, which saw a judge put a temporary restraining order in place that banned Resnicow from not only entering Theroux’s property - but also from harassing members of the co-op board, other residents and potential witnesses. (Previously, TMZ alleged that Theroux’s neighbour told the actor that Resnicow had “reached a very dangerous level for everyone in the building.”)

Under the court order, Theroux claims that Resnicow’s wife would fall under the temporary restraining order as she would fall under the people protected under it as a fellow resident of the building.

It was claimed that Theroux had recorded two separate instances of abuse and had previously called the police numerous times (though Resnicow allegedly pretended not to be home on one occasion).

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The recording shared by TMZ is reported to be from a May 3 incident, after which Theroux is said to have called the police but it is not known what happened afterwards.It is also said that Theroux claimed residents had called the incidents traumatic and added that on a personal level, they caused “anxiety that continues long after the incidents themselves have ended.”

TMZ reported that Resnicow had not returned a request for comment.

Theroux and Resnicow have been in a legal battle since 2017, which began when he and his then-wife Jennifer Aniston were having their home renovated. The Observer reported the fight began when they did not soundproof their home - which led Resnicow to kill a plant and shut off electricity and water to Theroux’s roof terrace.

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Vulture wrote that in an affidavit in 2017, Theroux characterised Resnicow’s behaviour as “a bizarre, troubling obsession with my life” and added that he was “unwilling or unable to stop himself from entering my property.”

It continued to escalate as Theroux and the residents of his building were granted a temporary restraining order, which Resnicow was found to have violated after sending a “hostile e-mail” to the co-op board president.

For those seeking support, Refuge offers a free 24 hour helpline for women and children experiencing domestic abuse at 0808 2000 247 and have a number of help resources on their website here. For men experiencing domestic abuse, Mankind also offer a confidential helpline which can be contacted at 01823 334244. Those who feel they are in immediate danger should call 999.