K9 Tracks Down Missing Child in Okaloosa County, Florida

Sheriff’s deputies in Florida reunited parents with their missing eight-year-old son who has autism on the night of Monday, March 27, with the help of K9 Beau.

In footage released by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Beau and Deputy Tim Pattersons are seen tracking the missing child.

According to the sheriff’s office, the non-verbal boy went missing late on Monday night after he wandered away from his home in the city of Crestview.

Deputy Patterson gave Beau a shirt of the young boy’s to sniff, and Beau got to work. K9 Beau found the young man in less than ten minutes, police said, behind a nearby house.

Police said deputies quickly returned the child to his family. Credit: Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

- Good boy. Good boy. Let's go. Let's go find him. Come on. Hey, buddy. How are you? I got him, Rob.

- All right, Rob ahead.

- Hey, what you got in your hand?

- 6822, we've got a contact.

- Good.

- This is awesome.

- Good job, Bo. You want to pet Bo?

- You want to check it out?

- You want to come hang out with Bo?

- Good boy.

- Come on, buddy.

- Come on, buddy.

- Got a lot of people that are looking for you.

- You want to hold my hand? You want to hold the leash?

- You want to walk Bo? He might pull on you a little bit.

- Good boy.

- All right. You all right, buddy? You're not hurt?

- Just a little bit. I'm glad you're safe, buddy. That's all that matters.

- All these people care about you. That's all that matters.

- All right, have a good night, buddy, OK? Don't mind if he comes says hello?

- No, it's OK. Good job, buddy. Saved the day. Good job.

- Pretty work.

- Got all of it.

- Hey, I need you. You ain't got to seperate the stainless steel.


- Make me proud. I ain't going to be able to sleep the rest of the night.


- Awesome.

- OK, thank you.