Kaleb Cooper’s Scottish tour dates will be furthest he has travelled from home

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has said he is making his furthest trip from home to take his live tour to Scotland.

The breakout star of Jeremy Clarkson’s popular TV show began his The World According To Kaleb tour on January 25 at Cheltenham’s Everyman Theatre and will play at Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo on Tuesday.

The farming contractor from Chipping Norton said: “Wow. I can’t believe this is real. I’m four shows in and it’s so much fun.

“Next, I’m off to Scotland and I’ve never ever been as far from home as Glasgow!

“I’ve heard lots of amazing things that have made me want to visit Scotland.

“Jeremy (Clarkson) and Lisa (Hogan) came to see me on Saturday and it was brilliant to have them in the audience – and actually quite emotional.

“And soon, the rest of the Clarkson’s Farm gang are coming along – with Gerald and cheerful Charlie. It really means a lot.”

Cooper revealed in a promo video for his tour date in Glasgow that his first name was inspired by a Scottish TV show.

He said: “So, on the 30th of Jan I’m going to Scotland on my tour which is going to be awesome because one of the places that I’ve been looking forward to going to forever is Scotland.

“And actually, weird fact is that apparently the name Kaleb comes from Scotland.

“I was actually named after a Scottish TV show that my mum and dad were watching, and they thought it was a lovely name and instead of starting it with a C they started it with a K.

“I can’t wait to see the Highland cows and all the farms up there, and hopefully we’ll have some lovely weather, but I do hear that the weather is pretty bleak there and you’ve got to be hard as nails to face it…. Can’t wait!”

Cooper, who recently released a rap about his dislike of sheep to raise funds for a farming charity, shot to fame in the Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm.

The show saw him give no-nonsense advice to the former Top Gear presenter.

He became a fan favourite during his often-frustrating quest to teach Clarkson about farming, as well as his amusing comments on life, the universe and everything in between.

The World According To Kaleb tour continues with dates in cities including Manchester, Bath and Belfast.