Kandy Muse spills on all the ‘crazy’ drama fans can expect on ‘House of Villains’ & ‘Slaycation’

Is Kandy Muse the villain?

Anyone who's a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race has watched Muse deliver iconic TV moments thanks to her intense confrontations, gorgeous lewks, and mesmerizing lip syncs.

While Drag Race certainly put her on the map, Muse is collecting more checks and getting plenty of screen time with two upcoming shows.

First, the queen will be appearing on the second season of E!'s new reality show House of Villains. As the title suggests, Muse will be entering a house with many other reality TV veterans (Teresa Giudice, Tiffany Pollard, etc.) who are known to cause trouble.

"It's a lot of drama. I really got to show a different side of Kandy. It was the wildest experience. There's drama between everyone. We're competing for $200,000 and let me tell you... the claws were out. People were backstabbing each other. Stay tuned for the reunion," Muse tells PRIDE.

House of Villains sounds delicious, but one show isn't enough for the Muse!

Following the premiere of season two in the fall, the fan-favorite queen will also star in the new show Slaycation alongside her Drag Race sisters Kerri Colby, Luxx Noir London, Lawrence Cheney, and more.

The dolls all move into a house in Canada and get into plenty of shenanigans before performing one big drag show to a small community.

"It's such a wholesome show. There's going to be drama and you see the girls in a different light than you do on Drag Race. I've already heard great things about it. They're already about to green light season two. I've heard they loved the cast so much that we might all come back for season two. You never know."

Keep up with Kandy Muse by following her on Instagram here and learn all about her All Stars 9 campaign with Bet US by visiting the official website here. To see the full interview, check out the video below.

Kandy Muse Spills on All the ‘Crazy’ Drama Fans Will See on ‘House of Villains’ & ‘Slaycation’ youtu.be