Karamo Brown Wasn't Invited To Antoni Porowski's Bachelor Party

Turns out, only one Queer Eye star was invited.

Karamo Brown stopped by Andy Cohen's show on SiriusXM to promote the second season of his daytime talk show Karamo.

While talking with Cohen, Brown shared that Antoni Porowski only invited one of his Queer Eye costars to his bachelor party.

"I wasn't invited. The shade of it all. Bobby was not invited, I was not invited, and Jonathan was not invited. Just Tan was invited. The shade," Brown said.

Although shady, Brown clarified that he didn't take any offense to his invitation getting lost in the mail.

"When it comes to events like that, like family things, weddings, it costs money... so I don't take offense to it. You understand what it costs per plate."

The Emmy winner also said that he wouldn't invite Porowski to his own bachelor party since Porowski is currently sober.

"I'm not going to invite you girls so that you can be over in the corner sober. Like, no. So again, no shade."

Brown also dished up some sexy tea, telling the host who his celebrity crush is: Andy Cohen hinmself.

"Andy, I think you're so beautiful," began Brown "Can we just admit to America right now, and I'm gonna do this on my show as well...I'm gonna say that you're my celebrity crush."

A surprised and delighted Cohen said, "Oh, really?"

"This beard, this gray hair. You're gorgeous," gushed Brown.

"Wow. I was gonna chop the beard and the hair today," admitted Cohen.

"Don't do it, Andy. Don't," pleaded the Queer Eye star.

No word yet on if they are all booed up now, but honestly, we ship it!