Kardashian Family Party With Tyga & Cara Delevingne Whilst Khloé Remains At Lamar’s Bedside

Your former brother and son-in-law is currently has been in hospital for the past two weeks, and you’re feeling a little… bummed out about the whole thing, probably. So what do you?

Well, if you’re a Kardashian – go to a fancy-pants fashion party of course!

Scrub up well, don’t they? Copyright: [Instagram]

They’re just like the rest of us, aren’t they?

Kim’s Instagram page was full of snaps from last night’s party for Oliver Rousteing – the head of mega-trendy fashion label Balmain – and the dude who’s been getting Kendall and Ko. to strut their stuff in his garb.

Yes, the family are all very much part of the ’#BALMAINARMY’, as Kim was forever reminding us last night (seriously, that hashtag may as well be carved onto our eyes the amount of times we’ve seen it on Kimbo’s page of late).

Joining the family for the celebrations last night was Kylie Jenner’s third most important asset du jour, Tyga – who now appears to have been officially welcomed into the Kardashian fold by receiving the family’s highest honour – an inclusion on Kim’s Instagram.

Well, look who it is…. Copyright: [Instagram]

Well we may as well buy a wedding hat, mightn’t we ladies and gents?
The family also took their minds off their recent Lamar Odom-related dramz by maxing out and relaxing with Cara Delevingne and ‘Precocious Is An Understatement’ brother and sister outfit, Jaden and Willow Smith.

Quite the trendy little party, don’t you think? And we BET you any money that they weren’t wearing any of that knock-off Balmain H&M clobber, either.
But whilst Kris Jenner was trying to stick her head in every picture going – forever trying to maintain her 'I’m a cool mum! I’m down with the kids! Look!’ image - her daughter Khloé was noticeably absent from the event.

At least they’re having fun, right? Copyright: [Instagram]

Presumably distracted by the minor issue of her former husband being hospitalised, we imagine.

According to a source, the KUWTK reality star is still “very concerned” for Odom. In fact, Kardashian might miss another family event — sister Kim’s upcoming baby shower.

“Khloe had wanted to go to Kim’s shower, but Lamar is not doing that well,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She still hasn’t left his side and is very concerned. She sleeps in the ICU with him.”

Khloé missed her sister’s birthday last week and has also cancelled her upcoming book tour.

But hey, at least her family are having a good time, right?