The Kardashians Are Still Going Strong, But Hulu Just Axed Another Show I Honestly Thought Was Really Popular

 Kim Kardashian sitting in front of a candle in The Kardashians.
Credit: Hulu

Although Bravo, VH1 and MTV remain hubs for some of the best reality TV shows, streaming services have been getting in on that corner of entertainment as well. Hulu is such a platform, as it currently offers titles like Living for the Dead and Vanderpump Villa. What’s arguably its most popular series within this genre is The Kardashians, which has been streaming on the service since its debut in 2022. By all accounts, the show is still going strong after several seasons. On the other side of that equation though, another reality-based production on the platform was just axed, and I thought it would’ve been popular enough to fend off a cancellation.

The title that was on the chopping block was none other than The D’Amelio Show, which ran for three seasons on Hule (one of the best streaming services). It was Deadline that broke the news of the series’ demise and a reason for the decision was not specified. The show, which premiered in 2021, served as a vehicle for TikTok stars and sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. Via the show, the two – along with parents Heidi and Marc D’Amelio provide viewers with an intimate look into their home life. 28 episodes were produced over the course of the three seasons, and a formal reason for the cancellation was not provided.

Heidi, Marc, Charli and Dixie D'Amelio pose for a photo on The D'Amelio Show
Heidi, Marc, Charli and Dixie D'Amelio pose for a photo on The D'Amelio Show

It’s honestly somewhat odd to think that the show is over, especially given how much heat it’s seemingly had over the past few years. By the time it was picked up, the D’Amelios were already amongst some of the most well-known (and heavily followed) personalities on social media. As the trade notes, the family has 255 million followers on TikTok at this point. Not only that, but their reality TV production appeared to earn a solid amount of buzz during its run. But, alas, we don’t know the exact numbers, and it’s possible that the series ultimately didn’t meet Hulu’s expectations. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this may not be completely chalked up to a lack of popularity.

Interestingly enough, Deadline also mentioned that the members of the eponymous family supported the decision to pull the plug on the show. It remains unclear as to why they were up for that move. During the show’s final episode though, Charlie D’Amelio did mention her desire to strike a better work-life balance for herself.

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As the D’Amelio’s move away from the small screen, the Kardashian-Jenner family seem to still be well cemented within it. The Kardashians is currently in its fifth season, and its various developments still manage to grab headlines. For years, some have expressed disillusionment with the show and the famous family at the center of it. At this point, it’s been nearly two decades since they began documenting their lives on the small screen. They first did so with their former show – E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians – before making the jump to streaming a few years ago. People will surely continue to have their thoughts but, all the while, it doesn’t look like the famous family will be moving from the top of the reality TV hill anytime soon.

One can’t help but wonder if the D’Ameilo siblings or even their parents would consider returning to TV in some way down the road. It’s certainly possible but, considering that they were apparently fine with their show being cancelled, they may need some time away from the medium. And, of course, Dixie and Charli still have their social media-related obligations, which are sure to keep them busy. I’d expect to see them continue to forge paths for themselves there, as the Kardashians further navigate the waters on TV.

New episodes of The Kardashians become available to Hulu subscribers on Thursdays as part of the 2024 TV schedule. You can also currently stream all three seasons of The D’Amelio Show now.