Trump ally Kari Lake tells supporters to ‘strap on a Glock’ ahead of intense US election

Kari Lake, Donald Trump's vice-presidential hopeful
Kari Lake told a rally, 'we're not gonna be the victims of crime' who have amendments taken away by 'tyrants' - MATT YORK/AP

A vice-presidential hopeful for Donald Trump has told supporters to “strap on a Glock” ahead of an “intense” 2024 election season.

Kari Lake, an avid ally of Mr Trump, is running in the Arizona state senate race this year.

At her rally on Sunday, she encouraged the crowd to prepare for a “difficult” upcoming six months and called on military and police veterans to be ready as the election intensifies.

Kari Lake is an avid Trump supporter
Kari Lake is an avid Trump supporter - MATT YORK/AP

“What do we want to strap on? We’re going to strap on our seat belt. We’re going to put on our helmet or your Kari Lake ball cap. We are going to put on the armour of God,” she said.

“Then maybe strap on a Glock on the side of us, just in case. You can put one here and one in the back or one in the front, whatever you guys decide,” Ms Lake said at the rally.

“Cause we’re not gonna be the victims of crime,” she added. “We’re not gonna have our Second Amendment taken away, we’re certainly not gonna have our First Amendment taken away by these tyrants.”

While being up for election in the senate would seemingly take her out of the running for vice-president, she has made frequent trips out of Arizona, fuelling speculation that she has her eye on the role.

In a conversation with Nigel Farage, Ms Lake told GB News earlier this year that she would help his campaign in “any way that I can”.

Ms Lake dodged a question from Mr Farage on whether or not her role in helping Mr Trump win the election would encourage her to seek the vice-presidential nomination.

“I want to help him in the Senate. I really think that he’s going to need help in the Senate,” she said.

In January 2024, Mr Trump said that Ms Lake would be great – in the Senate. “She’s terrific,” he said at a rally. “She’ll be a great senator.”