Kate Beckinsale reveals reason for hospitalisation

Kate Beckinsale has finally revealed why she was hospitalised for six weeks earlier this year.

The Underworld actress first revealed she had been admitted to hospital on 11 March, when she shared a series of photos of herself looking emotional in a hospital bed. She went on to regularly give visual updates from the facility until she was discharged in mid-April.

Beckinsale, 50, finally revealed why she was hospitalised as she responded to someone who criticised her thin frame on social media.

"I spent six weeks in hospital due to copiously vomited blood from a Mallory Weiss (tear) caused by the stress of a whole year ripping a hole between my oesophagus and stomach," she divulged in the lengthy comment.

The British actress also suffers from mast cell activation syndrome, which can cause temporary allergic symptoms in multiple organ systems. She went on to reveal that she experienced "a severe flare" of the condition "at the same time" as her hospitalisation.

Beckinsale candidly shared that she has also been battling "stress, shock and grief" following the death of her stepfather Roy Battersby in January and her "soulmate cat" last year.

She went on to confess, "I am trying to survive what feels like unbearable losses, reactivated by PTSD from discovering my very young father's almost dead body as a very young child alone in the night, and working to support the family I have left."

Beckinsale's father Richard died of a heart attack in 1979 aged 31, when she was only five years old.

The Serendipity star told the Instagram user that those were the details she was willing to disclose to explain her recent weight loss.

She signed off her comment, "I will not address this again... do better."