Kate Bush heading to UK number one after rule change

La chanteuse britannique Kate Bush en concert à Paris le 4 juin 1979, France. (Photo by URLI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Kate Bush in concert in Paris, 1979. (Getty Images)

Kate Bush is set to go to the top of the charts following a rule change.

Her 1985 classic 'Running Up That Hill' is currently number two in the UK Singles Chart following a resurgence in popularity after the song was used in season four of Stranger Things.

The Official Charts have now granted the song an exception which means it is likely to knock Harry Styles from the top spot.

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'Running Up That Hill' is currently the UK's most-streamed song, averaging 700,000 plays per day on Spotify.

Stranger Things has a horror theme now the cast are older. (Netflix)
Stranger Things has a horror theme now the cast are older. (Netflix)

In previous weeks, those streams would have counted as 3500 'sales'. This week, that figure will double to 7000.

In the era of streaming, the charts are weighted towards newer songs with tracks more than three years old needing to attract twice as many streams to count towards "one sale".

Close up of the British singer Kate Bush, pose for a photo shoot with a jellow Ferrari car. Italy 1978  (Photo by Angelo Deligio\Mondadori via Getty Images)
Kate Bush, poses for a photo shoot with a yellow Ferrari car. (Getty Images)

The Chart Supervisory Committee, which oversees the Top 40, revoked their rule for 'Running Up That Hill' over the weekend, meaning its streams are now worth the same as all newly released singles including Harry Styles' 'As It Was'.

'Running Up That Hill' has also appeared in the top 10 in Australia, the US, France and Germany following its prominent use in the Netflix show.

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 19: English singer Kate Bush performs live on stage at the London Palladium as part of her European Tour on 19th April 1979. (Photo by Pete Still/Redferns)
Kate Bush performs live on stage at the London Palladium. (Redferns)

Bush, in a rare public statement, thanked fans for embracing the song nearly 40 years after its release.

She wrote: "It's hard to take in the speed at which this has all been happening. So many young people who love the show [are] discovering the song for the first time. The response to 'Running Up That Hill' is something that has had its own energy and volition.

"A direct relationship between the shows and their audience and one that has stood completely outside of the music business. We've all been astounded to watch the track explode!"

Stranger Things S4 is streaming on Netflix.

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