Kate Garraway causes Good Morning Britain viewers to 'switch off' after throwing item across studio

Kate Garraway and Adil Ray
Kate Garraway and Adil Ray -Credit:(Image: ITV)

During a recent episode of Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway sparked irritation amongst viewers after launching an object across the studio. It came as Kate grabbed an old-fashioned alarm clock on Friday's show (April 12), where she was presenting alongside Adil Ray.

The excessively noisy alarm clock was utilised to "wake up" rock icon Suzi Quatro who reportedly "overslept" during her last scheduled appearance on the show, leading Kate to joke that Suzi "will probably curse me now".

Adil, slightly baffled, questioned: "How's that going to work? " To which Kate retorted: "Well, because she'll be listening." Despite this, Adil noted: "Well if she is listening, she'll already be up."

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Taken aback by his observation, Kate decided to throw the alarm clock over her shoulder, and the camera zoomed in on the item laying on the floor, reports the Express.

Following Kate's dramatic throw Adil erupted into laughter. It was immediately obvious the clock was damaged as its glass screen was shattered.

Laughing, Kate remarked: "Honestly... We'll be chatting to her later. Honestly, you try your hardest, you make an effort... It's still going off."

The smashed alarm clock
The smashed alarm clock -Credit:ITV

As the alarm continued ringing in the background, Adil kept chuckling over the situation on the ITV news programme. While the presenters found the incident humorous, some viewers were less amused, opting to 'switch off' and express their discontent on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In regards to the spectacle, viewer Ian posted: "That was cringeworthy. Had to turn over to BBC." One viewer expressed their displeasure, stating: "Switched off... Mouthy Shouty Ray is on... I refuse to watch him."

A fourth viewer wrote: "GMB Switches over, no way can I watch!" However, not all viewers were unhappy.

One fan enjoyed the show, saying: "I love watching these two together, they are a double act of greatness. More please." Another viewer praised Kate Garraway, saying: "@kategarraway it's so lovely to see you smiling and happy xx you've been so funny this morning x."