Kate Garraway couldn't speak for an hour after Derek Draper documentary

The Good Morning Britain star documented the last year of her husband's life in her latest film

Kate Garraway has made a new documentary about her late husband Derek Draper. (ITV)
Kate Garraway has made a new documentary about her late husband Derek Draper. (ITV)

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Kate Garraway has said she was left speechless for an hour after watching her documentary about the last year of her late husband Derek Draper’s life.

The Good Morning Britain presenter’s husband died in January after his lengthy battle with COVID. Garraway had already made two programmes about his health struggles, and shared his final chapter in Derek’s Story, which aired on ITV this week.

Appearing on This Morning, the TV star opened up about how emotional it was watching the programme.

What, how and why?

She told hosts Ben Shephard – her former Good Morning Britain colleague – and Cat Deeley: “I couldn’t really speak for about an hour afterwards actually, and that was the sort of human reaction… I couldn’t really speak, I was overwhelmed, it was raw.”

Kate Garraway on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Kate Garraway on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

Draper first fell ill with the coronavirus in March 2020 and spent more than a year in hospital, needing round-the-clock care when he got home.

Garraway said when she watched the film – which highlights the challenges faced by those living with serious illness and disability and those who care for them – one of the things that jumped out at her was the frustration of seeing how much progress Draper had made.

“For him to have struggled so hard and fought so long, that’s just a personal sadness for me," she said. "But I was also very keen that it didn’t then look like a waste because I thought of all the hundreds of specialist doctors, nurses and carers that had given so much of their own time to try and make things better for Derek, and they do it for everybody… I wouldn’t like them to think that that effort was a waste."

From Flicker Productions

Tuesday 26th March 2024, 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX

Pictured:  Derek at home during filming in May 2023,

Following the sad loss of Derek Draper in January this year, Kate Garraway: Derek's Story, documents the final year of his life. This film follows the two previous award-winning films also made by Flicker Productions: Finding Derek and Caring for Derek.

With close access to Derek and his wife, Kate Garraway, the film provides an insight into his personal struggles with illness and highlights the challenges faced by millions of people in the UK living with serious illness and disability and those who care for them. 

Joining Derek and Kate in May 2023, the film confronts head on the reality of Derek’s struggles and gives an unflinching view of the effect on all those around while also capturing real moments of love and joy as they spend time together as a family. 

With around five million unpaid carers in England and Wales, the film also highlights the often prohibitive costs as well as practical difficulties, of caring for people within their homes and features contributions from Jake, the care worker who supports Derek’s care, as well as Kathryn Smith, CEO from charity Social Care Institute for Excellence.


Derek's Story also reflects on Derek’s life before Covid, including his high-profile political career, as well his relationship with Kate, their early years together and how Derek’s illness changed the nature of their dynamic while they maintained their close bond. 

When asked why he wanted to take part in this film, Derek said:
Derek Draper died in January. (ITV)

"Because those four years had purpose, were precious, and we can’t be in a society where unless you are fully functioning, contributing in a way that we’d all like, working, paying taxes, where it’s pointless," said the star.

"It’s not pointless. Life is life.”

What else did Kate Garraway say?

Garraway had two children with the former political adviser, daughter Darcey, 18, and son Billy, 14. She told how before he died, Draper felt as if he had let them down.

Kate Garraway has two children with her late husband. (ITV screengrab)
Kate Garraway has two children with her late husband. (ITV screengrab)

“Big physical and in Derek’s case, brain changes, changes the dynamic," she explained. "And I certainly was very conscious for him, he felt disempowered in so many ways.”

Garraway said Draper would say he felt that he had let down Darcey and Billy but that to them he was “a hero”. “He didn’t let them down, of course he didn’t,” she said. “But he felt like he did.”

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