Kate Garraway 'goes missing' in GMB shake-up leaving viewers baffled

Susanna Reid's Friday GMB appearance has caused a stir
Susanna Reid and Ed Balls fronted the show -Credit:ITV

Kate Garraway had 'gone missing' from her usual slot on Good Morning Britain, leaving viewers left baffled at the shake-up in presenters on Friday's breakfast programme.

Those tuning in to the ITV show are used to being met with Kate and co-host Adil Ray reading out the latest news headlines. However Friday's show saw Susanna Reid and Ed Balls front the show.

Although Kate made a brief appearance to deliver a news update, the Mirror reports that Adil was nowhere to be seen. Susanna usually presents the show at the start of the week Monday to Wednesday, as fans took to social media about the unexpected change.

One viewer asked Susanna directly: "Is it Monday? ? Strange to see you on a Friday." Another expressed their confusion: "You have so confused me being on this morning, just panicked thought what day is it," reports the Daily Star.

Someone else quipped: "Have I slept over the whole weekend and woke up Monday? That looks like Susanna." As another queried: "Why is Susanna Reid on Friday? Kate will be p****d off."

kate garraway and adil ray
Kate Garraway and Adil Ray are usually on the Friday morning slot -Credit:ITV

Meanwhile, another fan was delighted: "Such a treat to have an extra helping of Susanna on a Friday morning."

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It wasn't just the presenting shake-up which had viewers scratching their heads, but Kate's brief appearance also got people talking when it came to her outfit.

The GMB star, 56, was wearing a shiny purple blouse paired with similar toned high-waisted trousers as some fans joked she resembled a Quality Street chocolate.

"I can see which chocolate Kate pick's in the Quality Street tin," joked one fan. Another added: "Kate Garraway camouflaged as a Quality Street chocolate this morning."

One viewer questioned: "Why is Kate dressed like the purple one from the Quality street tin? " And another echoed: "Did Kate decide to come in as a Quality Street?".

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