Kate Garraway hugs nurse who cared for Derek Draper in emotional 'Good Morning Britain' first meeting

Watch: The emotional moment Kate Garraway met a nurse who treated Derek Draper for the first time

Kate Garraway had an emotional surprise meeting with a nurse who cared for her husband Derek Draper on Friday morning, the first medic she has met in person who looked after him during lockdown.

Nurse Beth Dixon was a guest on Good Morning Britain where she was invited to meet children's author Michael Rosen to talk about a diary she had kept for him about what was happening during the seven weeks he was in a COVID-related coma under her care.

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But We're Going On A Bear Hunt author Rosen, 75, wasn't the only person surprised to see her as Garraway worked out that she had also looked after Draper, who she has previously talked about being a ward mate of Rosen's.

Garraway asked: "You cared for Michael and Derek, I found out, was two beds away. Did you care for him?"

Dixon replied: "I would have done, yeah."

Kate Garraway hugging a nurse who cared for Derek Draper
Kate Garraway hugged a nurse who cared for Derek Draper. (ITV)

Holding back tears, an amazed Garraway said: "Gosh, that is amazing, thank you so much."

Draper spent a year in hospital and is the UK's worst affected living COVID patient, now needing round-the-clock care at home.

Nurse Dixon told an emotional Garraway: "We tried, we did everything that we could. We put our all into it."

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TV star Garraway explained that she had never met any of the medics who cared for Draper during that time as the country had been in a strict lockdown with visitors banned from hospitals.

Appearing on a new episode of Love Your Garden, Kate Garraway was shown sharing her new garden area with husband Derek Draper who remains wheelchair bound after his well-publicised battle with COVID-19.
Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper was in hospital for a year. (ITV)

She said: "That is amazing, thank you so much. I feel quite...I don't know whether I can leap up and hug you but I'm going to. Are we allowed to? We're allowed to now, aren't we?"

The pair shared a tearful hug as Garraway thanked Dixon again.

She added: "I’m quite overwhelmed as I’ve not seen the faces of anyone from that time so it’s lovely."

Michael Rosen attends a photo call celebrate 20 Years of the Waterstones Children’s Laureate at Waterstones Piccadilly in London.
Michael Rosen was in hospital at the same time as Derek Draper. (PA)

Richard Bacon, who was co-hosting Good Morning Britain with Garraway, said: "Even just sitting here witnessing this, it's quite overwhelming, because you've got Beth saying 'we did everything we could for Derek', Michael just two beds away, Michael your lovely reaction when Beth walked in there."

Later in the programme Garraway added that she was still feeling overwhelmed by the unexpected encounter.

She has given ITV viewers a glimpse of what her home life is like since Draper's illness in documentaries Finding Derek and Caring for Derek, where she showed the problems he still suffers with communication and movement.

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