Kate Garraway issues poignant update from garden spot she used to share with beloved Derek Draper

Kate has taken some time for herself
Kate has taken some time for herself -Credit:Instagram/Kate Garraway

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway has issued a poignant update to fans as the sun beat down on her garden over the weekend.

The 57-year-old presenter lost her husband Derek Draper, from Chorley, at the beginning of this year. The former political advisor passed away at just 56 after contracting long-Covid. He later suffered a heart attack.

Kate cared for her husband when he was finally able to come home, after around 13 months in hospital. The ITV star produced a number of documentaries about her husband's condition and the care he needed, which have won a series of awards.


In a new Instagram update on Saturday, Kate explained one of the things she is doing to feel better during the grieving process. She said: "I've just had the most amazing day in the garden. I thought 'right, I'm gonna tackle it' because I loved doing the garden when Derek wasn't well because it felt like I was planting and doing stuff and he, when we could get him outside, could come and be with me."

Kate faced the camera when she spoke to her many followers, apart from occasionally showing them around parts of her garden.

She added: "If I show you around it doesn't actually look like much has been done but I promise you I've filled an entire bin... but what's been lovely is just sort of being here really and having a look at all the things we love about the garden. Just stopping and being a bit still."

Kate captioned the post: "Just sharing... #nature #slowlife #gardeningheals", and fans have been quick to respond in the comments section. Sharon said: "You are an amazing lady Kate, always so cheerful, considering what you have been through, Derek will be so proud of you xxx".

Karen said: "So happy you have had a good day in your garden. I love days like that, just pottering and relaxing" and Lisa said: "Nature at its best, time to heal and be calm".