Kate Garraway screams as she trips over on Late Night Lycett before X-rated confession

Kate Garraway and Danny Dyer
Kate Garraway and Danny Dyer -Credit:No credit

Kate Garraway was left screaming after a stumble during her entrance on Joe Lycett's show, Late Night Lycett. The ITV Good Morning Britain presenter joined EastEnders actor Danny Dyer as they made their way onto the comedian's set. In the midst of their entrance, Dyer engaged in a gag that involved smashing a glass over the head of an audience member who was holding a 'West Ham Suck' placard.

Garraway, still clutching Dyer's hand, let out a scream followed by laughter as she lost her footing but quickly regained composure to continue towards the stage. She appeared shocked and attempted to assist the audience member before Dyer guided her up to join him on stage.

During a segment about false online stories about themselves, Garraway shared a bizarre encounter with a non-television industry friend who questioned her: "When did you stop doing porn? There's so much in that sentence that I need to unpack. Why did you think I ever did? ".

Her friend had come across manipulated images online that superimposed Garraway's face onto another body. She humorously remarked, "It was done really well, my body looked amazing, it was so agile. It's genuinely true.", reports the Mirror.

Lycett has been known for concocting various "silly fake news stories" which he admitted to spreading in the past month.

The 35 year old comedian has recently confessed to being the mastermind behind several fake news stories that have made their way into mainstream media headlines. In a social media video, with an upside-down globe as his backdrop, Joe wrote: "FAKE NEWS! ".

"Can you spot the stories I've been seeding in the press? Multiple silly stories have been in the news over the last month, and they were all coordinated by me. Send them my way, with the hashtag #IsThisJoe? I'll reveal all on Late Night Lycett, back next Friday, 10pm, @channel4."

In the same video, he elaborated: "I've got a game for you to play, the world's been turned upside down by fake news and I hate it! Unless, I'm the one faking it... for the last month, me and my team have been planting stupid, silly fake news stories, about things that never actually happened in the hope that they would take up space that more hateful or polarising fake news might otherwise have used."