Kate Garraway shares husband Derek's legacy in TV special

kate garraway dereks story
Kate Garraway shares husband Derek's legacy in TVITV

Kate Garraway has shared what she hopes to be her late husband Derek Draper's legacy.

Kate Garraway: Derek's Story, which aired on ITV tonight (March 26), focused on Derek's final year before his passing in January 2024. It explored the challenges faced by people in the UK living with serious illness and disability and the reality of those who care for them.

Throughout the documentary, Kate highlighted how extensive the cost of care is and emphasised the need for "the system" to provide Britain's estimated 10.6 million unpaid carers with financial support.

derek draper, kate garraway dereks story

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Sharing how she hopes the ongoing fight for this support will be Derek's legacy, Kate said: "If I have any regrets, it's every single minute I didn't spend holding his hand because I had to go and write an email, I had to go and make a phone call and fight the system that should be there to catch you when you fall, but when you're going through it feels like it's there to catch you out.

"And that's what I now hope to be Derek's legacy. To fight on for that change."

The Good Morning Britain presenter also revealed that Derek taught her to "never give up fighting for what is right".

kate garraway dereks story

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"It's not about Derek or me, it's about having a society where caring isn't a luxury. We are all going to need it," she continued.

"And it's not about somebody coming round to cut up your food because you're feeling a bit weak, it's about somebody giving you a chance of living. It's sort of belittled as though it's not as valuable as the skill of a surgeon.

"The skill of a carer to spot when things are changing has saved Derek's life so many times over the last four years. And, yes, it was taken, but my god those four years had value."

Derek became ill after contracting COVID-19 in March 2020 and spent 13 months in hospital battling the effects of the virus. He was re-admitted to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest in December 2023, before sadly passing in January.

Kate Garraway: Derek's Story aired on ITV.

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