Kate Garraway visits Derek Draper's grave with children on 'tough' first Father's Day since his death

Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain
Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Kate Garraway has revealed how she and her two children, Darcey, 17, and Billy, 11, spent their first Father's Day since the death of her husbandDerek Draper in January.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Kate said that she knew it would be a "tough" day, which began with a visit to Derek's grave in north London.

Sharing photos of Derek, as well as her father and Derek's dad, the Good Morning Britain presenter penned: "So yesterday was one of those days the kids & I knew would be tough. #fathersday - the day when everyone wants to celebrate their daddy.

"We started by visiting Derek's grave early - and talked about all the amazing things we loved about him, the daft things he did to make us laugh and all the things he has given us that we'll never forget.

"We have so much to be grateful for," continued the 57-year-old. "We're also so grateful to still have my amazing dad in our lives and Derek's dad too. Brilliant Papa & Grandad. Then thanks to my fab @global family we went to the #capitalsummertimeball - an amazing day of music & summer joy.

Kate Garraway sitting at Derek Draper's bedside as they chat
Derek passed away in January (ITV)

"It was sad coming home & not finding Derek waiting to hear 'all about it' as he used to say. But so wonderful that we had him at all.

"I know for so many yesterday would have been a tough day so here's to getting through and let's celebrate all the wonderful fathers & father figures & what they gift us everyday," concluded the journalist.

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Kate will have no doubt been very proud of Billy and Darcey
Billy and Darcey pictured at their father's funeral in February (Getty)

The comments section was quickly inundated with messages of support, with one follower writing: "All the 1st's are hard but with love and support you'll find strength to get through together," while another added: "Thought about you and your family yesterday Kate. The firsts are hard. Sending lots of love to you."

Father's Day isn't the only tough milestone Kate has faced this year as she celebrated her first birthday without Derek in April.

Posting a video from her garden at the time, the journalist said: "I have had the most amazing day in the garden. I loved doing the garden when Derek wasn't well because it felt like when I was planting and doing stuff, when we could get him outside he could come and be with me.

Derek with Kate and their two children months before his death
Derek with Kate and their two children months before his death (Instagram)

"It's been a bit sad and the weather has been against us, and life has just been so hectic I haven't done [gardening]," she admitted, showing off her afternoon's work. "What's been lovely is just sort of… being here really."

Derek passed away in January after a devastating battle with long Covid. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2020 and spent 13 months in hospital before receiving round-the-clock care at home. His funeral was held in February at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Primrose Hill.