Kate Hudson Says She Is A Better Parent Since Matt Bellamy Split

Kate Hudson says that she is a better mother now that she is single.

The actress reckons she has improved in her abilities as a parent since her split from husband, Matt Bellamy.

Speaking to Red magazine Kate says how despite their best efforts to stay together, she and the Muse frontman are better off as friends and how that is best for their 4-year-old son, Bingham.

The 36- year-old, who also has another son from a previous relationship, says how the most important thing is that her children have happy parents - and not necessarily ones that live together.

“I do believe that it is better to have two people as parents that are truly happy in themselves for [the sake of] their children. If they can’t sustain that at home and if it’s affecting their family, then they have to look at their relationship.”

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However, the star is insistent that previous to this, she and her husband had every intention of staying together.

She said: “The goal is always to stay together. Matt and I worked on it together and we came to the point where we realised that we are better as friends.

"That is a healthier approach for our kids and we can see the results.”

The couple, who split in December 2014, have previously described themselves as ‘committed co-parents’ and vowed to always remain close for the sake of their son.

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Meanwhile, it’s now rumoured that Kate is coupling up with Nick Jonas – claims which she rules out in the same interview.

“The media scrutinises all single women in the public eye. You cannot have a conversation with a man without being attached to them,” she says.