Kate Middleton's latest portrait for Tatler cover sparks outrage for not resembling her

The new portrait of Kate which will feature on the cover of Tatler magazine
The new portrait of Kate which will feature on the cover of Tatler magazine -Credit:Hannah Uzor/Tatler/PA

A newly unveiled portrait of the Princess of Wales has sparked outrage among Royal enthusiasts, with numerous claims that it bears no resemblance to her.

The controversial artwork depicting Kate is set to grace the front page of Tatler magazine as a tribute to her "strength and courage".

The portrait was crafted by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor, drawing inspiration from Kate's video message to the nation about her cancer diagnosis, reports the Mirror.

The image portrays the princess during the inaugural state banquet of the King's reign in 2022 for the South African state visit, where she is depicted in a dignified stance, clad in an elegant white Jenny Packham gown with a cape and adorned with shimmering shoulder embellishments, complemented by her favoured Lover's Knot tiara.

However, the piece has been met with criticism on social media, following Tatler's reveal of the magazine cover. Disgruntled Royal followers have voiced their opinions, with one commenting: "Doesn't look like Catherine at all. If she wasn't wearing that dress I'd have no clue as to who it's meant to be."

Another expressed disappointment, stating: "Sorry, as much as I love that you have the Princess of Wales on the cover, that looks nothing like her."

A perplexed fan questioned: "If it's a portrait of Catherine shouldn't it at least have looked like her? " while another simply exclaimed: "Are you kidding me? " Additionally, a Royal admirer lamented: "Oh heck, I know art is subjective but it looks nothing like the Princess of Wales."

The magazine cover features an image set against a green-blue backdrop, chosen to reflect Kate's eye colour and her affinity for gardens and water, symbolising her passion for rowing, the artist explained.

When questioned if the princess's candid video about her recent cancer diagnosis had influenced her work, Uzor confirmed: "Without a doubt. All my portraits are made up of layers of a personality, constructed from everything I can find about them."

She described the public address as showing "a moment of dealing with something difficult, speaking from the heart, having the courage to tackle it head-on,".

Uzor also shared her deep respect for the princess, who has temporarily retreated from public engagements to focus on her chemotherapy treatments. "She has really risen up to her role she was born for this. She carries herself with such dignity, elegance and grace," stated Uzor.

The St Albans-based artist, who is also a mother of three, remarked: "'I sense with her the joy of motherhood."

Tatler has commissioned Uzor as the third artist to create a portrait of a Royal family member, following Sarah Knights' portrayal of the King for the July 2023 issue and Oluwole Omofemi's homage to Queen Elizabeth II for the Platinum Jubilee edition in 2022.

Last week marked the unveiling of the first official portrait of the King to be completed since his coronation. Jonathan Yeo's striking depiction of Charles shows the monarch bathed in a dramatic red hue.

It also features a butterfly on his shoulder at the King's suggestion reflecting his love of nature and the environment, and also his metamorphosis from prince to monarch.

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