Kate Winslet celebrates her Titanic career and wishes Leonardo DiCaprio a happy birthday

Speaking to HELLO! at a special London screening of her new Australian film The Dressmaker, Kate Winslet says she would love to work with her two-time co-star Leonardo DiCaprio again as he turns 41 on Wednesday.

The pair first played star-crossed lovers in Titanic when she was only 21, before reuniting in Revolutionary Road in 2008.

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"It was absolutely amazing to work with him again and I’m sure Leo and I would jump at the opportunity to do something together," gushed The Dressmaker actress, who turned 40 last month.

"He's fantastic," she added, before telling gathered press: "It's his birthday today, by the way!"

With her hair pulled back, Kate looked stunning in an elegant Dior cocktail dress and statement Louboutin heels for the event at the May Fair Hotel.

Looking back her career, the Oscar-winning actress still credits Titanic as her guiding light.

"I feel everything changed after Titanic and in really great ways," she told HELLO!. "Freedom of choice was the main thing actually, and now that I have children, that has actually been the most extraordinary thing that came out of that film."

Kate is mother to daughter Mia, 15, and son Joe, 11, from her previous marriage to Spectre director Sam Mendes, as well as one-year-old son Bear with husband Ned RocknRoll.


"It taught me how to remain instinctive and true to myself," she continued. "It would have been one thing to be swept up in the wave of that film and to have done everything under the sun, but I didn’t do that. I tried very hard to be true to myself and do the things I thought would be challenging for me.

"I think it's worked," she laughed. Kate plays seamstress Tilly in The Dressmaker, set in 1950s Australia, who returns to her hometown and reignites a relationship with a former flame, played by Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.

But the actress, who is passionate about speaking out against damaging body image standards, says she loved the vulnerability of her character.


"I don't particularly set out to find those [strong] types of roles, and sometimes it's really interesting to play vulnerable women," she says. "All of us have the capacity to be vulnerable… I just set out to be honest, and truthful to the roles I set out to play."

Despite it’s 1950s setting, Kate compares the film, which also stars Hugo Weaving and Judy Davis, to cult classics such as Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

"It's called The Dressmaker but I almost wish it was called something else," she says. "The Dressmaker does not imply huge comedy or unexpected tragedy and it’s got all of those things."

The Dressmaker is in UK cinemas 20 November.