Kate Winslet Opens Up About "Nightmare" 'Titantic' Scene in New Interview

Kate Winslet Opens Up About "Nightmare" 'Titantic' Scene in New Interview

It's been almost three decades since Titanic first came out in 1997, but Kate Winslet just revealed some shocking new details about the film.

In a YouTube video for Vanity Fair's "Scene Selection" series on June 12, the Academy Award winner took a walk down memory lane to talk about some of the most iconic roles in her career. When it came to her watching a moment from Titanic, Kate was shown the pivotal scene of her and Leonardo DiCaprio "flying" while standing on the bow of the ship. As she watched the moment, she shared some surprise details about what it took to film it.

"Oh, this was a nightmare, shooting this, because Leo couldn't stop laughing, and we had to re-shoot this about four times because of the light," she began in a clip posted on Instagram on June 29. "[Director James Cameron] wanted a very specific light for this, obviously, and the sunsets kept changing where we were. This was a section of the ship... It was a little sort of sawn off bit. We had to climb up a ladder to get to it, I remember... Hair and makeup couldn't reach us."

But that wasn't all Kate had to say about filming Titanic.

"Now, what you wouldn't know, because Leo looks completely natural, but he had to lie on sun beds," she added. "There's a lot of fake tan makeup going on. So, I have got hidden in here and here, I've got his makeup and brushes and sponge, and my makeup and brushes and sponge in the other side. And between takes, I was basically redoing our makeup."

Well, clearly their behind-the-scenes help worked, as Titanic went on to garner critical acclaim. Along with receiving four Golden Globe Awards, the movie won 11 trophies at the 1998 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

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