Katherine Ryan 'regrets' previous support of Andrew Tate

Ryan previously praised the accused sex trafficker's videos

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Katherine Ryan arrives at the
Katherine Ryan previously praised Andrew Tate. (WireImage)

Katherine Ryan has said she "regrets" her previous support of accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate.

Last month, the comedian praised the so-called influencer and self-proclaimed misogynist on her podcast for his views on "freedom".

Since then, Tate, along with his brother, has been arrested in Romania for being part of a sex trafficking ring.

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Ryan, in the latest episode of her podcast, has backtracked on her comments, saying: "Do I regret saying I like Andrew Tate? Obviously. Obviously."

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She added that she had been watching his more "palatable" videos and again discussed what she found appealing about him: "I thought I liked what he said about freedom, but freedom in Tate’s world I don’t think applies to women at all."

Despite saying she regrets praising the former kickboxer, Ryan also hit out at those who criticised her for her initial comments about Tate.

Ryan said that she praised Tate and now "people think I’m as bad as Andrew Tate".

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 06: Katherine Ryan attends the launch of Prime Video's
Katherine Ryan regrets praising Andrew Tate. (Getty Images)

She also criticised people who's attitude towards celebrities is they say "one thing you don’t like you discard them forever".

Tate, who is a former kickboxer and appeared on Big Brother in 2016, was arrested on 30 December in Romania on charges relating to human trafficking and rape.

Tate is accused of recruiting and exploiting women to create online adult content against their will and is currently being held in custody.

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Since his arrest, Tate's properties and cars have been seized by police and if found guilty, will be used to pay damages to his victims.

On Tuesday, Tate lost his bid to end his 30-day detention as part of the investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape.

He denies all charges and his recently reinstated Twitter account accused "the Matrix" of attacking him.