Kathy Burke reacts to viral video of dancing festival-goers dressed as Kevin and Perry

Kevin and Perry in 2000’s ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large' (© Icon Film Distribution)
Kevin and Perry in 2000’s ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large' (© Icon Film Distribution)

Kathy Burke has shared her reaction to festival-goers at Hardwick Live who dressed up as Kevin and Perry.

The titular characters from Kevin & Perry Go Large were played on film by Burke and Harry Enfield, having originated on Enfield’s 1990s sketch shows.

A video of two attendees of the Hardwick Live Festival was shared on social media, eliciting praise for their dancing and close resemblance to the original Kevin and Perry characters.

Writing on Twitter on Monday (23 August), Burke said: “If I wasn’t so much older and wider I’d swear this was me! Lovely stuff.”

In the original sketches, Burke portrayed Perry, while Enfield played Kevin, two sullen teenagers known for disrespecting their parents. In 2000, the characters appeared in their own feature film Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Fans of the characters reacted to the viral video in response to Burke’s tweet.

“All the young folk in the video probably have no idea what’s going on,” joked one commenter.

“Absolutely brilliant. Love Kevin and Perry,” wrote another.

Someone else remarked: “Ah I’m glad you saw this Kath, I bet lots of people tagged you in. However, there will only ever be ONE TRUE PERRY xx”

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