Katie Hopkins Has Made Everyone Angry With Her Comments About Islam

Katie Hopkins is no stranger to ruffling a few feathers with her outspoken opinions, but it seems she’s really touched a collective nerve with her latest Twitter rant.

Roger Askew/Rex/Shutterstock

The columnist for MailOnline took to Twitter in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France.

She tweeted: “Islam disgusts me.”

She continued her rant after discovering the man suspected of killing 84 people by driving a bus into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice was named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.


She said: “Mohamed? No, you must be mistaken…..For these are a peace loving people.

“Go on. Create a hashtag. Make a vigil in a public square. Say you stand united…..when will SOMEONE finally close the borders. #NiceAttack

"Celebrities tweeting ‘not again’ every bit as responsible for terrorism as politicians failing to act. Sod your icon.


“Europe does not stand united. It sits like ducks. Start deporting those 'known’ to police. Your hashtag #PrayforNice solves nothing.”

It wasn’t long before Twitter hit back at Katie.

One tweeter pointed out that the suspect was a French national and labelled Katie a ‘cretin’ and accused her of using tragedies to spout Islamaphobia.

Katie responded with: “I am not Islamophobic. Islam disgusts me. This is entirely rational.”


She was also hit with comments like: “You’re an absolute joke and an awful representative of this country and of the human race.”

Katie also slammed people using social media to post pictures of peace and