Katie Piper shocks Loose Women panel with her rom com revelation

The Loose Women star shocked her fellow panellists with her claim she won't watch rom coms, because they are not real life.

Katie Piper attends the ITV Palooza 2022 on November 15, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
Katie Piper claimed she would never watch a rom com because they don't represent real life. (Getty Images)

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Katie Piper has claimed she has never watched a romantic comedy because they're "too fictional".

The Loose Women star shocked her fellow panellists with her admission she had never seen Love Actually or Bridget Jones and did not know what they were about. The model and TV presenter said she would not waste her time watching rom coms because they don't represent real life.

What, how, and why?

Charlene White, Katie Piper, Kelly Hoppen on Loose Women TV show, London, UK - 19 Feb 2024
Katie Piper made the admission on Loose Women that she had never seen Love Actually. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Piper left her fellow Loose Women open mouthed when she confessed she had had to Google Love Actually ahead of an interview with Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page, because she didn't know what the film was about. Denise Welch asked her: "Are you even a girl?!"

The married mother-of-two declared: "I would never watch rom coms, because they're not real life, they're too fictional." As the other presenters appeared stunned and began quizzing her further Piper insisted she had never seen Bridget Jones, or even "heard" of films starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew McConaughey.

Piper said: "I think when I watched Grease I was less old and bitter. I saw Pretty Woman as a child but as an adult I would never waste my time watching a rom com, it's not real life. No guy is going to treat you like that." She said of Bridget Jones: "I've never seen it. It's been on in the background at Christmas but I've never sat down and watched it."

Welch exclaimed: "I love true crime but I still love Notting Hill!"

The TV star went on: "I like more based on true story, real life [films]. I couldn't even say I'm going to go home now and try and watch it because I'd just be like 'It's a load of old tripe'.

Charlene White, Welch and Brenda Edwards were all stunned by Piper's dismissal of rom coms, and even speculated that she should be made to watch one.

Some viewers were unimpressed by Piper's scepticism of romantic comedy, which they felt came across as snobbery.

One commented on social media: "Katie clearly trying to act like she’s too high brow for a romcom. No they aren’t ’real life’ but nor is Back to the Future but you watched that because it’s escapism, I don’t know anyone that believes romcoms are ‘real life’, doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable #loosewomen"

What else happened on Loose Women?

 Katie Piper attends The Fashion Awards 2023 presented by Pandora at the Royal Albert Hall on December 04, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)
Katie Piper avoids arguments about the washing up by just not doing it. (Getty Images)

Piper caused even further bemusement among her colleagues when she shared her top tip to cutting down on the washing up. In response to a discussion about arguments between couples over household chores, Piper revealed she keeps washing up to a minimum by simply not doing it very much.

Piper - who has two daughters aged nine and six with her carpenter husband - explained that she has cutlery "of the day" which she reuses over a course of 24 hours, instead of washing it up. She explained: "I have a knife of the day, a spoon of the day. If I'm at home I'm not going to have several knives, cups, spoons of the day. I'll keep a knife on the side by the sink and then every time someone needs a knife they know it's there.

White exclaimed: "The same knife?!" Piper replied: "Yeah but only for like 24 hours," which prompted disgusted groans from the other Loose Women and the live studio audience.

Piper also revealed: "When I finish on Loose Women I'll go home and if I have a little microwave meal for lunch, I'm not going to put that on a plate, I'll get the fork of the day and I'll eat that out of the packaging."

Her fellow Loose Women could not get on board with the concept of reusing cutlery.

White questioned: "So in your house you've got a fork of the day, a knife of the day and a spoon for the day - that's for everyone to use for the day?!" Welch observed: "If you say used five knives, that's not the greatest work in the world to wash five knives..." And White continued: "So the same knife that you butter the kids toast with is the same knife you'll eat you lunch with and then use for your dinner?" She then added: "I'll do me, and you do you..."

Viewers were also unconvinced about Piper's hygiene methods. One tweeted: "Does Katie wash the cutlery of the day in between uses? #loosewomen" Another said: "I was wondering that too - that wasn't made clear. Does everyone have to use the same dirty knife all day??"

Loose Women airs on ITV at 12.30pm on weekdays.

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