Katie Piper reveals why she has empathy for trolls following online abuse

Katie Piper wants to help give the gift of confidence. (Dan Kennedy)
Katie Piper wants to help give the gift of confidence. (Dan Kennedy)

Katie Piper has opened up on how she manages to find empathy for those dishing out abuse to her online.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram back in October to call for more online positivity while sharing a message from a troll who called her "ugly and repulsive".

Piper has now shared that she is able to detach herself from horrible comments by empathising with the "hurt" people who send them.

In an interview with Yahoo Celebrity UK, she divulged: "I don't get my confidence from acceptance of others or gratification from how other people view me.

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"So I'm okay, but I think the reason I went public with it is to show that there's been some brilliant conversations around diversity and inclusion this year and that is positive but sometimes the way people conduct themselves when they think they're anonymous is very different. And the internet helps us operate without empathy."

"For me personally, I call it nirvana state, where I'm in nirvana state where nobody can hurt me," she continued. "I realised that only hurt people hurt people. So when people project this kind of anger to you or they spew hate at you it comes from a place of suffering.

"So if you can have that understanding, and detach yourself like, this is not about me, I'm not the subject, I am just the byproduct. And then you can really look at them to think, wow, that person is really hurt at the moment to make them so angry, then you can really have a renewed empathy for people like that.

"And then then you're untouchable, that's why it's a nirvana state, you're totally untouchable."

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Piper has put a focus on self-worth in her new product line of fragrances, candles and diffusers with Superdrug, called the Confidence range.

The mother-of-two, who previously worked as a beauty therapist, explained why she wanted others to be able to "give the gift" of confidence to their loved ones in the debut product range.

She shared: "When we aspire to confidence I don't think anyone can honestly say that's a consistent feeling for them because I'm really confident in some areas of my life, and in other areas lacking. And the kind of daily thing is the consistency and the balance.

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"Calling it confidence was about giving the gift of confidence, because you can give the gift of confidence. You can support somebody else. You can mentor, enable them, lift them up or bring them down."

Katie Piper is putting a focus on 'confidence' with her new range. (Dan Kennedy)
Katie Piper is putting a focus on 'confidence' with her new range. (Dan Kennedy)

Piper is the survivor of an acid attack organised by her ex-boyfriend in 2008 and has since had almost 400 operations.

The star's Katie Piper Foundation, which helps to support burn survivors in their rehabilitation and recovery, is set to receive 5% of profits from each product purchased.

Just as many charities have suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the charity had some of its income wiped out due to cancelled events.

Piper noted it had been a "really difficult" time for the foundation but praised the "resilience" of those involved as they adapted to the changing circumstances.

Katie Piper’s range is available exclusively to Superdrug in stores and online.

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