Katie Price desperately trying to keep son Harvey at £350k-a-year college amid bankruptcy

Katie Price with son Harvey
Katie Price is fighting to keep her son Harvey at his £350k-a year residential college after being declared bankrupt -Credit:@katieprice/Instagram

Katie Price is desperately fighting to keep her son Harvey enrolled at his £350k-a year residential college after being declared bankrupt for a second time this year.

The 45 year old former glamour model told her followers last month that she was informed her 21 year old son would have to leave the National Star College in Cheltenham, which is a three-hour drive from her residence in West Sussex.

Harvey, who has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism, and partial blindness, started at the college in September 2021.

The mum-of-five previously explained that Harvey has to move because his education is entirely funded by the local council, and "West Sussex won't fund" him to attend a college that is too distant from their home.

In a recent update, the television star shared that she is doing all within her power to ensure her son can maintain his independence and continue living away from home, the Mirror reports.

Katie Price and her son Harvey, after he was presented with the Guinness World Record for the longest drawing of a train
Harvey Price has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and partial blindness -Credit:PA

On The Katie Price Podcast, she expressed: "He's happy. I'm going to see him next week. I've got to fill out his EHCP forms.

"Anyone who has got a child with needs or anything like that, you do like EHCP forms, to keep them in or get them to another school."

"So I'm going that with Harvey because obviously the government, they pay for his schooling. So I'm filling that out. We've appealed it. So I'm just sorting all of that out.

"Then after that I'll go and see him. Can't wait to go down to Cheltenham!"

Last month, she shared her struggles: "I'm having a nightmare at the minute. We were looking for him to stay at his college another year or if not a placement, but [the local authority] haven't accepted it."

"They've given me three months that he has to find somewhere else by July. With someone like Harvey you need the transitional move, you need to do it slow."

She continued: "I'm trying to find somewhere nearer or something for Harvey but three months isn't a long time."

Katie's former husband Alex Reid was seen leaving the TV star's latest bankruptcy hearing, an event that Katie herself did not attend.

The celebrity and ex-glamour model faced bankruptcy for the second time earlier this year after she failed to settle a debt of over £750,000 in unpaid tax.

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The former glamour model did not attend her court hearing to discuss her financial situation on Friday -Credit:@katieprice/Instagram

Katie was scheduled to appear at the High Court on Friday to discuss her financial situation and demonstrate to a judge her plan for settling her debts.

At the beginning of Friday's hearing, her lawyers informed the court that Katie would not be able to make it.

A barrister informed the judge: "It's quite apparent that the evidence was filed very late and not even filed with the court. We are in a very serious situation as a consequence.

"She may be held in contempt of court, imprisoned, fined or a warrant issued for her arrest," The Sun reported.

Despite Katie's absence, her ex-husband Alex was spotted exiting the court following his former partner's bankruptcy hearing.

He was dressed in a white shirt and tan chinos, complemented by a brown jacket and was seen using a walking stick for support.

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