Katie Price reveals fears that son Harvey could be sectioned

Price with Harvey while campaigning for 'Harvey's Law' (PA Images)
Katie Price and her son Harvey. (PA Images)

Katie Price has opened up on her fears that son Harvey may one day be sectioned, saying “he wouldn’t cope”.

BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey And Me sees the former glamour model share her struggle to find the right residential college for her eldest son, who has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and partial blindness.

She has already opened up on her decision to find full-time care for Harvey when he reaches 18, and has been looking for a suitable place for him to move to as an adult.

Katie said this week she is considering putting her son Harvey into a residential care home. (Getty Images)
Katie Price has been looking for a residential college for Harvey. (Getty Images)

Price, 42, is seen being given the sobering information that if Harvey ended up at a college that was a bad fit, the local authority could place him in a mental health unit or an Assessment and Treatment Unit if it was felt he was a danger to himself or others.

She says: “Hearing some stories about how some people have been sectioned is awful.

“I can see they’ve got similarities to what Harv’s like. And they were scared.”

Price continues: “Imagine Harvey being sectioned. Put in a room. He wouldn’t cope. That would finish anyone off, surely.”

Katie leaving BBC studios with son Harvey in London on Wednesday (Getty Images).
Katie Price and Harvey have been looking for the right college for him. (Getty Images).

The mum-of-five is also shown meeting a family whose son was sectioned at 15 in similar circumstances and who faced a struggle to get him released.

Price says: “It was shocking to know that that human being sitting next to me has experience that, something that I could maybe experience with Harvey, just because of the way the system works.”

However, there is some good news for Price as by the end of the documentary, she is shown finding a suitable residential college for Harvey to attend from 18, called National Star.

The college could require £350,000 of funding from Price’s local authority and she is due to find out in March whether her application is successful.

Katie Price: Harvey And Me airs on BBC One on Monday January 25 at 8.30pm.

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