Katie Price left 'fuming' after being told disabled son Harvey has 'no health problems'

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Katie Price has expressed her fury after clashing with her local council over the care of her son Harvey.

The ex-glamour model is "fuming" that an assessor reportedly stated 22-year-old Harvey has "no health problems", leading to a decision to only provide him with social care support. It came as Katie fights to secure another year of college funding for Harvey.

On The Katie Price Show, the 46-year-old disclosed that Harvey is expected to leave college after Christmas and may have to move closer to her, potentially entering into social care. The mother of five shared her disbelief: "The socials came back yesterday, the people who do the funding, and they believe by seeing Harvey that Harvey has no healthcare issues."

"That he only needs social care issues. They think he has no health problems so they're not funding, and want him to live in a social care place."

She continued, highlighting Harvey's medical needs: "So now, obviously, the doctors and all that are good with me. He has a passport for the hospital, he's on medicine to keep him alive, he's cortisol deficient so can go into adrenaline crisis at any time, if he's ill he ends up in hospital, what are they on about? Anyone out there if you're in a situation like me, like, everyone knows Harvey has healthcare issues, it's been documented and I've done documentaries on it, but they just think it's behaviour."

"I'm like, are you kidding me? And I'm now having to appeal, even his social worker is like 'you've got to appeal it' and it's all because of money. I will not be letting Harvey suffer but it looks like he will be coming home. Not home, I mean a place nearer me, up the road. He won't be able to stay at college after Christmas."

Katie Price and son Harvey Price.
Katie Price and son Harvey Price.

Harvey was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia when he was just a baby. He also has autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that causes various physical, mental, and behavioural problems, reports the Mirror.

Katie's struggle for healthcare funding is ongoing as doctors consider altering Harvey's medication. She shared her astonishment regarding a recent DNA test conducted on her son by the doctors.

"They're changing his meds, but how fascinating is this. They've done a DNA on his mouth, they're sending it to America to test it, to know that the medication, if he can have different ones they do now for his behaviour and his health, how fascinating, I didn't know you could do that."

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