Katie Price responds to marriage rumours with JJ Slater and says 'ask me'

Katie Price and JJ Slater
-Credit: (Image: Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Katie Price has opened up about her blossoming romance with new partner JJ Slater amid swirling speculation of marriage.

The former glamour model, aged 46, has been romantically linked to ex-Married at First Sight star JJ Slater since February. Katie candidly shared how their love story began with a direct message on Instagram after JJ disclosed his diabetes diagnosis, reports the Mirror.

Their relationship seems to be flourishing, prompting fans to wonder if 31 year old JJ is gearing up to propose. JJ has expressed that Katie brings joy to his life and had once hoped she would be the one he saw at the end of the aisle.

During an episode of The Katie Price Show, Katie addressed the burning question from fans about whether she envisages another walk down the aisle. She remarked: "I've learnt to take relationships slow, not rush, and know my boundaries and I know about red flags.

"And he's very sensible, so he's got to ask me because I wouldn't ask him, I'm old-fashioned and I, personally, would want a man to ask me."

"But as far as it's going, everything's going, we're taking our time, how a relationship should be, because I've learnt from the past. You don't get married in five weeks, six months, or even a year."

"Because it hasn't worked for me. So who knows what will happen? He hasn't even asked the question."

Katie gushed that "everyone likes him" and things are "going well" although she noted it's too soon to be thinking about marriage. Having been down the aisle three times with Peter Andre, Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler in her previous relationships.

Reality TV personality JJ is known for his stint on Married at First Sight UK, where his pairing with Bianca Petronzi didn't turn out as expected. Striking up a romance with Ella Morgan on the series after initial mismatches, they eventually left as a couple only to part ways during their final commitment ceremony.

During some testing times which have included Katie facing bankruptcy again and having her car vandalised, JJ has remained by her side. The star has even been asked to leave the notorious 'Mucky Mansion' amidst an array of struggles including fly-tipping and suspected ghosts haunting the place, moving her into a more modest abode.

In vocal opposition to her troubled mansion, Katie has described her stay as "nine years of hell" burdened with disturbances from fly-tipping and eerie supernatural phenomena, once stating her clear aversion to the residence: "I absolutely have hated my mansion. I tell you why, nine years of hell I've had there. Fly-tipping, it's haunted... and I am living with it. And whoever buys that house, good luck! I hate it."

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