Katie Price Reveals She Attempted To Overdose To Win Back Dane Bowers

Katie Price has revealed that she was so paranoid about her relationship with Dane Bowers that she attempted to take an overdose to get him to take more notice of her.

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Speaking on today’s Loose Women, the 37-year-old spoke openly about her past relationship and said how her jealousy intensified when he was working with Victoria Beckham.

The former glamour model says how she was so insecure about their working relationship that she took drastic measures to keep her then boyfriend’s attention.

“Even when I was younger, stupidly enough, I wanted my ex Dane Bowers back and I did an overdose,” Katie revealed, adding:

"It’s so stupid, it didn’t get him back. You know you do these things for attention.”

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To which a shocked Nadia Sawalha replied: “You fascinate me Katie, because you just said that like that like it was nothing. But that’s such a massive thing…”

Agreeing with Nadia she added: “It does not work, I was young and naive, and obviously if anyone was speaking about it when I was younger I would be like ‘do not even do that’.”

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Asked who she was jealous of to cause such a reaction, Katie responded: “Well he worked with Victoria Beckham, and I thought something was going on. Is he obsessed with her? And I was right, my paranoia was right.”

Katie and Dane were together for two years between 1998 and 2000 and she has previously refered to the Another Level singer as ‘the love of her life’.