Katie Price shows off new lavish feature inside Mucky Mansion after double bankruptcy blow

Katie Price
MAIN - Defiant Katie Price declares 'no one can take away' Mucky Mansion despite being declared bankrupt again as she oews £750k -Credit:No credit

Katie Price has unveiled a new opulent feature within her 'Mucky Mansion' following a double bankruptcy setback, treating herself to a cinema room transformation complete with a chic TV feature wall.

The former glamour model, whose fortune once peaked at £45 million, took to Instagram on Saturday, April 20, 2024, to flaunt the renovations in her dilapidated West Sussex property, infamously known as the "Mucky Mansion."

Enlisting a team, Katie introduced an eye-catching light display encircling her television, which boasts an integrated fireplace below. Clearly thrilled, the mother of five posted a video online, exclaiming that the upgrade was "amazeballs."

Price has been on a determined mission to revamp her vandalised and previously uninhabitable abode, often engaging in DIY efforts, with Channel 4 documenting the journey. The refurbishment journey was broadcasted in the reality series 'Katie Price's Mucky Mansion,' with the second season airing last year, showcasing the 45 year old's dedication to creating a new makeup room, an underwater mermaid-themed bedroom for her daughter Bunny, refreshed stables, and a Barbie-inspired office.

However, the renovation faced challenges due to flooding in the vicinity, reports the Mirror. At the time, the property was in a sorry state, having suffered neglect after an unwelcome intrusion. Yet, despite her ongoing financial struggles, Katie Price is said to be considering selling the infamous house to fund her "dream home" in Yorkshire.

It's been suggested that a lavish six-bedroom mansion in Wakefield, valued at £2.5 million and boasting four bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a triple garage, and its own golf course, has caught her fancy.

A source close to Katie shared insights on the situation, stating: "Katie is sick of the Mucky Mansion and sees no future there now. She wants to move into her dream home and she reckons this could be it. Quite how it would work given her financial problems is a mystery, but she's got it in her head this is happening."

The financial troubles of the ex-I'm A Celebrity contestant have been public for years; she was declared bankrupt in 2019 with debts totalling £3.2 million due to unpaid taxes and mortgage commitments. As of March 2024, Katie was still embroiled in bankruptcy proceedings, with reports indicating her lack of cooperation led to the indefinite suspension of her discharge from insolvency.

Furthermore, the London Insolvency and Companies Court heard that she owes a staggering £761,994.05 to HMRC.

Earlier this year, Court Judge Sebastian Prentis said Katie had not responded to HMRC about her jaw-dropping debt, failing to show up in court for her hearing. Katie hadn't even sent a lawyer to attend the hearing, forcing Court Judge Sebastian to declare her bankrupt.

"There has been no response from the debtor. The papers are in order", he'd informed. There is substantial debt due from Ms Price to HMRC and therefore I will make a bankruptcy order."