Katie Price's real name is so long even her sister struggles with it

Katie Price leaves Mucky Mansion for last time as she drives away in pink Range Rover
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Katie Price, who rose to fame as glamour model Jordan in the late 1990s, reverted to her "real" name about 15 years ago. But, even Katie's younger sister Sophie, seemed unable to share her full name on the Katie Price Show podcast.

She claimed it was "Katrina Alexander [sic] Alexia Price," but Katie corrected her, stating: "Actually, it's Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield Price."

Sophie responded with: "Mate, I can't deal with that many names." Katie's birth name was Infield, after her father Ray Infield. It wasn't until 1988, when her mother married builder Paul Price, that she started using her stepfather's surname.

Katie officially changed her name in 1995, dropping some of the additional names her mother had included on her birth certificate. She joked on the podcast: "What was mum on? That's why I've changed it just for Katie Price."

Interestingly, despite her numerous name changes, Katie revealed this week that she doesn't carry any identification.

She shared a story about being asked for ID at Waitrose while shopping for a new carving knife without her usual glamorous appearance. Katie said: "I've got no extensions in, and maybe my boobs are flat, and I've got no makeup on, and maybe I look younger, I don't know."

Katie was taken aback at the checkout when asked for identification. She recounted: "She said 'Have you got any ID please? ' ... I said 'ID? ID for what? I don't carry ID'."

"She said 'These knives, you have to be 25 to get these knives.' I said 'Are you serious? I'm 46!"

A second staff member soon stepped in and recognised that Katie was indeed over the age requirement. The ex-model expressed she felt "flattered" by the mistaken assumption of her being younger than 25.

In a humorous twist of mistaken identity, Katie's boyfriend JJ Slater also experienced an awkward moment when he was thought to be her son. The 31-year-old, known from E4's Married At First Sight, recalled a cashier questioning if Katie was his mother.

He clarified to the cashier: "No, I'm not. I sleep with her, so that would be weird."

Katie, who has been seeing JJ since February and is enjoying the "still in the honeymoon phase" with the fashion entrepreneur, light-heartedly remarked: "It's not bad if they think you're Junior. But it is not good either."