Katie Price's sister breaks down in tears and says 'I can't' after reading fan's question

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Katie Price hen do with sister Sophie

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Katie Price's sister, Sophie, was moved to tears during a recent podcast episode when she read out a touching letter from a fan about mental health struggles.

The heartfelt message came from an anonymous fan who praised the former glamour model, 46, and her younger sibling, 34, amid "media negativity".

The fan expressed admiration for their strength, which serves as an inspiration to "so many gay men and members of the LGBTQ+ community", before questioning how the sisters manage their mental well-being.

This was particularly poignant as the fan had experienced the loss of a brother to suicide some years ago.

Overwhelmed by emotion while reading the letter, Sophie had to stop, tearfully exclaiming: "Fu**in hell; I can't talk about that. Go on; you answer it."

Katie has been through some difficult times
Katie Price said “you've just gotta keep going” and “keep focusing” -Credit:Joe Maher/Getty Images

In response, Katie offered some words of wisdom: "So, I think whatever situation you're in in life, therapists can help, communicating with people, talking about it. We all, in life, suffer losses - they're never good," reports the Mirror.

She added: "And you've just gotta keep going, keep focusing, keep positive. Erm, because if you don't help yourself, no one else will. Unfortunately, the world just continues."

Reflecting on the nature of loss and moving forward, Katie shared a personal anecdote: "And it's weird because even like with my nan and grandad, when they went; sometimes, when I drive past their house, I'm like, isn't it weird that life just goes on, continues, goes on."

The former I'm A Celebrity star expressed her feelings by saying it's "weird" that the same tree outside the house "blows in the wind like it did when they were alive".

She continued with a simple yet profound statement: "When you're gone, you're gone", and "life continues".

Sophie Price and her family with their baby scan WARNING TAKEN FROM INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6bs6X-sJuK/?hl=en-gb

Katie Price says 'best news ever' as she shares exciting baby scan photos

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Sophie revealed on Instagram that her second child was going to be a girl -Credit:@sophie_pricey/Instagram

Finding her footing, Sophie confessed she wasn't expecting to feel this way "this early" and blamed her emotional rollercoaster on her "pregnancy hormones".

This month, Sophie gave her Instagram followers quite a delightful surprise, announcing through a video featuring her three-year-old son, Albert, that she was going to have a baby girl.

She posted a sweet video capturing the special moment with the tagline: "Little sister loading... #pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #littlesister ", accompanied by an adorable pink ballet shoes emoji.

The announcement garnered a lot of love from her fans, with messages brimming with joy such as: "Love the video. Congratulations," and "Great news! ! congratulations xxxx,".

One more message read: "Awwwww Soph congratulations". One fan walked down memory lane and shared their own parenthood tale: "Amazing news.. so lucky to get 1 of each.. I was trying for a girl and ended up with 5 boys then gave up but I wouldn't change them for the world now".

Likewise, Katie couldn't contain her excitement, writing on the social site: "So proud of my sister @sophie_pricey and Harry unfortunately I wasn't able to be at the hospital because of Covid but were with them all the way through!"

Adding onto her congratulatory message, she penned down her advice too: "I love you Sophie and Harry and my gorgeous nephew Albert welcome to the parent world and lack of sleep."