Katie Price's sister says 'I can't talk about that' as she breaks down on podcast

Katie Price’s pregnant sister became emotional as she read a heart-wrenching letter from a fan. Sophie looked to her sibling for support during a recent podcast episode as she said: "I can't talk about that."

The unnamed fan of The Katie Price Show told the sisters "so many gay men and members of the LGBTQ+ community" looked up to them and questioned how they remained "so strong-willed and determined" when faced with "media negativity". Revealing they'd lost a brother to suicide a few years ago, the fan also asked how they looked after their mental health.

Sophie, 34, had to stop reading the letter as she became upset. The Mirror reports she was in tears as she said: "F*****g hell; I can't talk about that. Go on; you answer it."

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Former glamour model Katie, 46, said: "So, I think whatever situation you're in in life, therapists can help, communicating with people, talking about it. We all, in life, suffer losses - they're never good. And you've just gotta keep going, keep focusing, keep positive. Erm, because if you don't help yourself, no one else will. Unfortunately, the world just continues.

"And it's weird because even like with my nan and grandad, when they went; sometimes, when I drive past their house, I'm like, isn't it weird that life just goes on, continues, goes on."

After regaining her composure, Sophie, said she hadn't been expecting such an emotional story "this early" in the show. She went on to blame her reaction on her "pregnancy hormones", having recently announced her second child would be a girl.