Katy Perry Is Looking for Friends Who Will Tell Her When She Has Quinoa in Her Teeth

Katy Perry Is Looking for Friends Who Will Her When She Has Quinoa in Her Teeth

Aided by a new breakover haircut, Katy Perry walked the red carpet at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards with confidence. Just one problem: upon closer inspection of her radiant smile, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the pop star’s smile was spoiled by specks of food in her teeth.

The 32-year-old singer didn’t take the embarrassing situation too seriously, poking fun at the remnants of her meal overshadowing her pearly whites — and putting her pals who kept quiet on blast.

“Currently taking applications for real friends who aren’t afraid to tell me there’s quinoa in my teeth,” she captioned a zoomed-in photo of her smile on Instagram.

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Aside from the need for a quick floss, Perry looked impeccable on the red carpet, flaunting her new pixie cut in her first public appearance since she announced her split from Orlando Bloom.

After radio host Elvis Duran remarked on scrutiny of her new look, Perry joked, “Well yeah, if you’re going this extreme it should, hello! I’m trying to get more attention, obviously. You can just grow it back. Honestly, I tried to take my full head of hair platinum and I had a lot of breakage. I’ve always wanted to look like Miley Cyrus. I’ve always wanted to have that pixie haircut, so I said, ‘Let’s just go for it.’”

She added, “I feel like there’s a new wave, a new authentic vibe coming in and I think this matches. I want to redefine what it means to be feminine. Look at Scarlett Johansson, who’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. We have the same haircut and I saw her at an Oscars party and was like, ‘I’m doing it.’ You’re hot, you can be hot and look great with this kind of hair. Why not?”

Just days before the show, Perry took to Twitter to shut down any rumors of a drama-filled breakup with Bloom.

“HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF THINKING FOR 2017!? U can still b friends & love ur former partners! No one’s a victim or a villain, get a life y’all,” she tweeted.

“Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time,” both their reps said Tuesday in a statement to PEOPLE.