Kazakhstan city's local council accidentally puts thousands of marijuana plants along city flowerbed

The marijuana plants in the city center of Astana City. (CEN)

Embarrassed local council bosses are investigating why thousand of 
marijuana plants were installed along a city flowerbed instead of normal plants.

Thousands of 'pot plants' are now growing healthily in the centre of Astana City, the capital of Kazakhstan.

The unusual greenery was discovered by a stunned resident who was initially attracted by the aroma and unusual appearance of the plants.

Local resident Mihail Malorod could not believe his eyes when he saw the plants.

High society: Council chiefs are investigating the marijuana blunder. (CEN)


Blunder: The marijuana plants in Kazakhstan

He said: 'I was walking down the street when I saw these cute plants at the junction of Auezova Street and Dzhangeldina Street. What a nice little flowerbed, I thought!'

An investigation has been launched by the council who are quizzing officials at Zelenstroy, the urban gardening service where staff are responsible for the flowerbeds in the city centre.

A spokesman said: 'An investigation has been launched. If they are marijuana plants as is alleged on social media, we will remove them immediately. 

'So far we have not yet ascertained who planted them there but the investigation and tests are ongoing.'