Keanu Reeves granted restraining order from alleged stalker claiming to be his relative

Keanu Reeves has been granted a temporary restraining order from an alleged stalker who thinks he's related to the actor.

In court documents filed by lawyer Mathew Rosengart on behalf of the 'Matrix' star, it's claimed that 38-year-old Bryan Dixon has been harassing Keanu and his partner Alexandra Grant at their home.

Dixon is said to have turned up to the movie star's Hollywood Hills mansion six times between November 5 and January 20, TMZ reports, with the intention of proving he's a blood relative of the 58-year-old star.

Keanu hired a security team to investigate.

On November 5, Dixon trespassed into the back garden of the property and allegedly fell asleep, before being removed.

The following morning, he left a "suspicious and alarming" bag with a DNA testing kit inside, which he intended "to use on Mr. Reeves in a delusional attempt to prove they are blood-related."

Dixon has also been referring to himself as Jasper Keith Reeves, but Keanu has no idea who he is.

The restraining order means Dixon must not come within 100 yards of Keanu and Alexandra.

Dixon has previously been slapped with a bench warrant after allegedly breaking and entering with felonious intent, possessing burglary tools and vandalism.

Keanu previously had two female intruders at his home in 2014, and a year later, police were called after a man put a FedEx envelope in his mailbox with a bizarre message inside.

Along with a phone number, it's said to have read: “I will call the cell provided tomorrow. We need to meet as I have already started building the new world."