How to keep flies out of your home this spring and summer

flies in home
Flies can become significantly more prevalent in the warmer months -Credit:Getty

An expert has shared five handy ways you can keep those pesky flies out of your home this spring and summer.

As the warmer weather (hopefully) approaches, people will naturally start to see an explosion in numbers. And as many often do, take to Google and social media for solutions.

Some, which are disease-carrying insects, tend to become significantly more prevalent in the warmer months as higher temperatures spark an increase in breeding. But homeowners can keep them at bay by following a few simple steps, rather than simply keeping windows and doors closed.

Myles Robinson from Value Doors said that whilst flies can be a pain, they can also carry with them some risks. She explains: “Flies can be incredibly irritating to have in our homes, and can drive us to distraction as they buzz around.

"On top of the annoyance, they can carry up to an estimated 65 dangerous diseases ranging from E.coli and conjunctivitis to dysentery and cholera. They thrive in warm and humid conditions, so the warmer months tend to see a boom in fly populations.

Some flies can carry up to an estimated 65 dangerous diseases
Some flies can carry up to an estimated 65 dangerous diseases -Credit:Getty

“Many of us may feel it necessary to keep windows and doors shut to keep them out, but that’s not ideal in the warmer months when we want to enjoy fresh air through our homes.

“However, all is not lost in the battle to keep your home free from airborne pests, and there are a handful of important steps we should all take to protect our indoor spaces.”

So how can I keep flies out of my home?

1. Stay on top of food waste

Throwing leftovers to the bin
Food will attract flies -Credit:Getty

Decomposing food waste items such as dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables play a big part in attracting flies into our homes.

The pests tend to lay their eggs in moist and decaying organic matter, so depriving them of their ideal breeding grounds can go a long way to keeping them away.

This means staying on top of waste bin disposal and not leaving dirty plates in the sink are even more important in the summer months.

2. Clean out dirty drains

Kitchen drains are perfect breeding grounds for flies, and you may not even know you have a problem until dozens of baby flies emerge.

It’s important to deprive them of food and moisture sources lurking inside the drain by cleaning them out regularly.

One way to do this is to mix one cup of vinegar, half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda, letting the mixture sit in the drain overnight then flushing out with hot water.

3. Install a fly screen on windows

Many of us like to let plenty of fresh air and a cooling breeze in our homes during higher temperatures, but this gives flies and other airborne pests easy access indoors.

Installing a mesh on the inside of windows can ensure you keep a supply of fresh air while preventing pests from entering.

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4. Use natural oils to keep them out

A number of essential oils and natural scents can be highly effective at repelling flies and household pests. On top of that, they have the added bonus of adding pleasant aromas to indoor spaces, too.

Some of the most effective oils include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and tea tree.

5. Maintain good air circulation

Circulating air can do a good job at disrupting the pests’ ability to fly and make your home an uninviting space for them to hang around.

They prefer to fly in still air, so constantly moving air disrupts and confuses them.

While central air conditioning is fairly uncommon in the UK, an electric fan can do an equally good job.

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