How to keep onions fresh for half a year with easy storage trick

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It's a common mistake to chuck all your fruit and veg into the fridge, especially when the summer heat threatens to spoil them quicker. However, onions are one of those items that you should resist refrigerating.

The chilly, damp conditions in a fridge can turn onions soft or soggy because the cold temperature converts their starches into sugars. If you keep onions in the fridge for too long, they're likely to go mushy.

For the best onion storage, find a spot that's dark, cool, dry, and has good air circulation. While many people pop them in kitchen cupboards, it's wise to avoid areas near the cooker or oven where temperatures can vary and moisture might build up.

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The ideal places for storing onions are garages or cellars if stored properly, onions can last for as much as six months. Besides picking a place that's cool, dry, and airy, make sure to keep onions away from direct sunlight, which can promote mould growth, reports the Express.

How you store your onions is just as crucial as where you store them. If you've bought onions in a plastic bag from the supermarket, take them out as soon as you get home.

Even if they come in a plastic mesh, it's better to remove that too. Shop Food Waste said: "Never keep these items in sealed plastic as it will quickly cause spoilage."

Plastic traps moisture around the onions, increasing the chance of mould. Experts suggest "keeping onions and garlic in a basket or paper bag where air can circulate" to maintain their freshness. They advise that if stored correctly, "onions and garlic can last up to three to six months".

For those looking to store onions, the use of a net or mesh bag is recommended for its ability to promote airflow and reduce moisture, which is crucial for longevity. Alternatively, a perforated basket or bin can serve as an excellent storage container for onions.

If you're short on storage options, an old pair of tights can be repurposed for storing onions. Simply place the onions into one leg, tie a knot above each onion, and repeat until the leg is full.

This method also applies to the other leg, creating a convenient way to hang and store the onions. Onions preserved in this manner can remain edible for several months, potentially up to half a year under ideal conditions.

However, it's essential to inspect them regularly and discard any that start to go bad. It's crucial to store onions separately from other produce because they absorb moisture and have a strong smell that can transfer to other fruits and vegetables.

While most onions benefit from these storage methods, spring onions are an exception; they should be kept refrigerated. Bunched varieties can be placed in an airtight container or bag and then stored in the fridge's crisper drawer to extend their shelf life.

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