Keep your strawberries fresh for longer with this easy vinegar storage tip

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Strawberries often go mushy or mouldy shortly after purchase, compelling us to consume them swiftly to avoid waste.

Yet, there's a simple trick that could change the way you shop and reduce food wastage apparently, many are storing strawberries incorrectly.

Danielle Clark of Mayberry Farm has let us in on a secret: to prolong the life of your strawberries, give them a thorough wash before popping them into the fridge, and this quick five-minute chore can make a big difference. She divulged: "An easy way to extend the shelf-life of those sweet, seasonal strawberries? Simply take a dip in some specially crafted water bath one part white vinegar and three parts H2O."

Although washing strawberries with a mix of water and white vinegar might sound odd, it eradicates bacteria on their surface, ensuring they remain fresh for longer, reports the Express. Due to their high moisture content, strawberries are prone to bacterial growth and mould soon after being purchased.

Vinegar works wonders thanks to its antimicrobial properties, annihilating both bacteria and mould spores while clearing any residual dirt.

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All you need to do is wash strawberries in a water and white vinegar solution -Credit:Getty Images

How to retain the freshness of strawberries

You need only immerse the strawberries in a bowl of cold water mixed with a dash of white vinegar for roughly two minutes. It's crucial to set a timer and avoid soaking strawberries for too long, as they might pick up a vinegar taste, but this won't happen if they're only in for a few minutes.

After washing the strawberries, let them air dry on the kitchen counter before patting them thoroughly with a paper towel. Leaving any moisture on the strawberries can promote bacteria growth and mould when stored in the fridge.

Danielle emphasised: "The most important thing when it comes to storing strawberries is making sure they are dry."

She advised: "After quickly draining them off and drying as much excess liquid with paper towels or even a salad spinner, store your berries away in an airtight container for future snacking!"

Once the strawberries are dry, pop them into an airtight container with a paper towel to absorb moisture, keeping them dry and extending their freshness. By removing strawberries from their original plastic packaging and placing them in an airtight container with a lid, you protect them from fridge condensation, which helps prevent mould.

Strawberries treated in this manner should remain fresh for an additional five to seven days, but for an even longer shelf life, freezing is an option. Danielle added: "Transfer the berries into an airtight container and store in the freezer for up to six months. Frozen berries are perfect for smoothies and baking recipes like strawberry jam bars or muffins."

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