Keir Starmer pledges to 'stop the chaos' caused by Tories if Labour wins election

Keir Starmer has pledged to "stop the chaos" caused by the Tories if his party wins power for the first time in 14 years.

The Labour leader said the election was "a chance to change for the better" as he prepares for a July 4 poll that he is widely expected to win.

Starmer also pledged tonight to reject the "gesture politics" of the Tories and the SNP.

Prime Minister Sunak had earlier confirmed the election date on Wednesday afternoon following hours of intense speculation at Westminster.

The embattled Tory leader made his statement outside Downing Street in the pouring rain while protesters could be heard playing the Labour anthem Things Can Only Get Better nearby.

In contrast, Starmer made his speech indoors and was flanked by two Union Jacks.

He said: "Tonight the Prime Minister has finally announced the next General Election.

"A moment the country needs – and has been waiting for. And where, by the force of our democracy power returns to you.

"A chance to change for the better. Your future. Your community. Your country.

"It will feel like a long campaign – I’m sure of that. But no matter what else is said and done. That opportunity for change is what this election is about.

"Over the course of the last four years – we have changed the Labour Party. Returned it once more to the service of working people.

"All we ask now – humbly – is to do exactly the same for our country. And return Britain to the service of working people. To that purpose."

He added: "A vote for Labour is a vote for stability – economic and political. A politics that treads more lightly on all our lives. A vote to stop the chaos."

He continued: "Most of importantly of all, we do all this with a new spirit of service.

"Country first, party second.

"A rejection of the gesture politics you will see in this campaign, I have no doubt from the Tories and from the SNP."

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