Keir Starmer should use his thumping majority to push through bold change

Keir Starmer’s landslide victory will give him more power than almost any Prime Minister in British history.

A projected majority of 170 will ensure his Labour Government can pass any law they want.

And the diminished rump known as the Conservative Party will be powerless to stop him.

Starmer has the opportunity to use his gigantic majority to be bold and courageous, rather than cautious.

US Democrats like Barack Obama were always frustrated their progressive agenda in the White House was thwarted by the Republicans in Congress.

Starmer has no such obstacle and his Cabinet has the ability to use its considerable levers to tackle the UK’s toughest challenges.

The British economy has been dogged by sluggish growth for years, but the new Prime Minister has the chance to get the UK moving again.

The Tories have presided over crumbling public services, but Starmer has the power to save the NHS and address the funding crisis in classrooms.

It is also within Starmer’s gift to put the UK in the global driver’s seat in the battle to save the planet.

And he has the political capital in the bank to dismantle heinous Tory welfare “reforms” that keep children in poverty.

Tony Blair believes he was too cautious in his first two years as PM in key areas like public services.

Starmer should learn from the mistakes of his predecessor and ignore voices who urge a safety-first approach.

He will make mistakes and his Government will endure terrible days, but he has the consolation of knowing he will never lose a vote.

Starmer must also use his historic win to change the toxic political culture in the UK.

Over fourteen years, the Tories tried to normalise hostility to immigration and demonise people who claim benefits.

But he has bucked the trend of right-wing populism that is sweeping through parts of Europe and has a chance to reset the dial.

The next twelve months will see the Tories turn on themselves as they try to accommodate Nigel Farage.

They will appear divided, extreme and irrelevant.

Starmer can transform the economy while at the same time sow the seeds for many victories to come.

He can boost the electorate by giving 16 year olds the vote and move towards automatic voter registration.

Starmer has the power to keep the Tories out of office for a generation or more.

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